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10 Best Labrador Breeders in Florida

If you're looking for a furry friend to bring home, you need to check out these ten best Labrador breeders in Florida. Located around the sunshine state, these breeders can help you find the best pet for you and your family.

Bringing home your first dog is a truly special experience. In fact, whether it’s your first pet or third, there’s nothing quite like welcoming your furry friend into your family. There is endless excitement that comes with raising a puppy - getting them acclimated to your children, letting them roam their new yard, buying them the perfect leash and chew toys to curb their mischievous appetite.

If you’re ready to take the leap into being a puppy parent, then you’re going to want to buy your dog from a reputable, caring breeder. A breeder whose mission is to take the absolute best care of the animals they raise.

Choosing a breeder has its benefits for various reasons:

  • It’s a far more humane and loving environment for dogs to grow up in than a traditional pet store that often has ties to puppy mills.
  • The breeder is focused on one breed and knows the best way to take care of them, instead of having a slew of dogs that lack the proper care and attention.
  • You’ll know your dog is purebred and not mixed with other breeds. While mixing with other breeds isn’t always bad, there are some mixed breeds that can result from inhumane breeding practices.

In all, using a trusted breeder can give you the satisfaction in knowing exactly how your future pet has been treated and raised before bringing them home.

So, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely interested in Labrador breeders in your area - right? Great, so let’s jump right in and let you know the best Labrador breeders in Florida to help you find your perfect dog.

GoodDog: Helping You Find The Best Breeder

Before we dive into the best breeder options, we want to mention an incredibly helpful resource to find the best breeder in your area. Good dog is an online tool that allows you to “connect directly with good breeders, shelters and rescues to find the dog of your dreams.”

They provide information about the dog breed you’re interested in and give you personality qualities, so you know exactly what to expect. They screen every breeder to ensure they are practicing responsible breeding and their platform was developed with the help of leading veterinarian clinics and academic experts.

To give GoodDog a try, visit their website to find a Labrador breeder near you.

10 Best Labrador Breeders in Florida

Tru-Heart Labradors

Tru-Heart Labradors is an American Kennel Club certified breeder located in Middleburg, Florida. Situated between Jacksonville and Gainesville they breed chocolate, yellow and black Labrador puppies.

According to their website, “Our puppies are sold on a limited-registration basis to pet homes only and we take pride in the fastidious, loving and stimulating environment in which they are raised.”

Anyone interested in Tru-Heart puppies must fill out an application prior to discussing taking a puppy home.

Their breeding philosophy is as follows:

  • The pedigrees of all their dogs contain champion show and/or working bloodlines.
  • They engage in Outcrossing - creating new genetic combinations by bringing together genes from unrelated labradors to eliminate undesirable traits caused by recessive genes is the fundamental philosophy of their breeding program.
  • They do not inbreed.
  • Their puppies are born with “sound temperaments, aesthetically pleasing conformation, good bones and genetic health and vigor.”

Visit their website at - - to fill out an application for a labrador puppy. If you’d like to see their current puppy litters, you can view their sires here and dams here.

Stone Haven Labs

Stone Haven is located in Dunnellon, Florida and they breed yellow, black and chocolate labradors. They are one of the five Master Breeders in the United States since 2008 according to the Quality Breeders Association.

They have been breeding English Labradors since 1980 and all of their females are the result of their 39 year breeding program. Some other aspects of their breeding philosophy include:

  • Bottle feeding their puppies in addition to their nursing from their mother.
  • Placing their nursery in the center of their house to allow the puppies to adjust to the sounds of everyday life.
  • Temperament tests for each puppy to match them with the perfect family.
  • Complete physical exam by their veterinarian and first of scheduled vaccines.

To see what puppy litters they currently have available, you can visit their website at

To contact Stone Haven:

Phone: 352-465-0942


Horne’s Labradors

Horne’s is an English Labrador breeder in North Florida and South Georgia. Their Florida location is located just outside Jacksonville. They do not ship puppies and sell their puppies on limited registration in order to prevent them from ending up in a puppy mill.

Their puppies all meet the AKC breed standards and make it a point to note that they breed healthy dogs to adhere to the Mission of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

“Our Lab puppies have champion bloodlines with a history of show, hunting, companion and service animals. We produce Black and Yellow English Labrador puppies.”

You can see their boy puppies, here. And, their girl puppies, here.

To contact Horne’s and inquire about their available litter, you can visit their website at -

labrador breeders florida

Show Den Labradors

Show Den Is a show and performance breeder based in Northern Florida, Ocala region.

“Our goal is to preserve the purebred Labrador retriever and to breed not only a Labrador that can have the character and quality to compete in the show ring, but also a loving family companion.”

Their puppies are breeded with the best quality in mind and their guidelines are to meet the Labrador Retriever Standard. They are very selective, use champion bloodlines and only breed dogs that have been tested and have their hip and elbow OFA certifications.

Their puppy placement goal is to place the best quality labrador that will best suit your lifestyle. They do not ship puppies and their interview process must only be done in person.

To see their available puppy litter, visit their website here.

To contact Show Den:


Cornerstone Labradors

Cornerstone has been breeding champion labrador retrievers since 1987. They are an AKC breeder of merit located in West Central Florida.

Their labradors are breeded with temperament in mind and note that they are “friendly, outgoing and non-aggressive to other animals.”

Some of the aspects of their breeding include:

  • Produce puppies with generations of health cleared and champion quality ancestors
  • Produce puppies with good structure and type and kind and willing temperaments
  • Socialize their puppies so they can quickly adapt to your home and lifestyle

For information on their upcoming litters, you can visit their website here.

To contact Cornerstone:


Phone: 813-245-2716

Seminole Labradors

Seminole Labradors is located in Northern Florida, close to the Florida-Georgia line.

“Seminole Labradors' purpose is to breed with a focus on preserving and maintaining the integrity of the breed. We are focused on preserving all the unique hallmarks of this wonderful breed, breeding structurally sound labradors.

They are members of the Labrador Retriever Club of The Piedmont and affiliated with American Kennel Club and Paw Print Genetics.

To read about their current litters, visit their site here. And to inquire about their puppies, you’ll need to fill out their questionnaire, here.

To contact Seminole:


Quail Meadow Labs

Quail Meadow Labs have been in business for about 20 years. They are located in Central Florida, west of Ocala.

All of their dogs are English Labradors, have good temperaments with both show and field in their bloodlines with championship pedigrees. Plus, they raise their puppies in their own home.

They only breed chocolate, yellow and black labradors. All of their puppies go home with a package that includes:

  • AKC limited registration
  • Puppy care booklet
  • New leash and collar
  • State health certification
  • AKC microchip for permanent ID

You can view their puppies and information about their next litter, here.

Blue Cypress Kennels

Blue Cypress Kennels is a British Labrador breeder located on a private plantation in Okeechobee, Florida. They have been in business for over 10 years and breed labradors that are sporting and hunting dogs.

“We only breed a limited number of liters each year to maintain the highest quality offspring for our clients.” If you’re looking for a Labrador with hunting experience, Blue Cypress would be the best breeder for you.

To learn more about their available puppies, visit their website here.

To contact Blue Cypress:


Phone: (256) 694-6852

Tarrah Labs

Tarrah Labs is a breeder of black and yellow Labrador Retriever puppies located in Orlando, Florida.

“Tarrah’s Labs are raised in an air-conditioned pest free environment. Puppies are kept in a meticulously clean whelping box, on linens, in my home. We have one to three litters per year.”

Their puppies are OFA certified and sold on an AKC Limited registration with 8 weeks of socializing before they can be brought home. They are also micro-chipped for your protection and fed a SARF diet to eliminate the potential poisons of pet food meat.

To read about their future litters, visit their website here.

To contact Tarrah Labs:

Phone: 407-281-9481

Duck River Labradors

Duck River Labradors is a breeder of yellow, chocolate and black labs in Naples, Florida.

“Our goal is to ensure that we have healthy, social, beautiful puppies with exceptional dispositions, an eagerness to learn, great hunting companions or working dogs and most of all, make wonderful family pets.”

They keep their bloodlines pure and free of any hereditary problems. Their Labs have OFA clearances, eye exams and DNA tests.

To learn about their upcoming litters, you can visit their Puppy page here.

To contact Duck River:


Phone: 239-494-2589

There you have it, the 10 best labrador breeders in Florida.

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