Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our products, the app, and managing your Fursure account.
About Fursure
What does Fursure do?
Fursure offers the only pet insurance plan to pay ANY licensed vet directly for covered care, saving pet parents on paying hundreds or even thousands out-of-pocket for veterinary care. Fursure is also the first financial platform for pet parents, supporting the 90 million U.S. pet parents who want to provide the best care possible for their furry family members. Fursure offers financial planning and educational resources, spanning pet insurance, rewards debit cards, and a renowned pet parenting blog.
Partnership Inquiries
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If you would like to inquire about a specific partnership opportunity, please contact us at

If you have any questions about Fursure Pet Insurance, our direct pay feature, the Veterinarian Directory, or would like to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us at
What are the user requirements to be a Fursure customer?
To register for Fursure Insurance Debit Card or Fursure Pet Insurance, you must meet the following requirements:

1 - You must reside in the United States or be a lawful permanent resident of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia.
2 - Be 18 years of age or older.
3 - Have a U.S. physical address or military addresses (APO or FPO)
4 - Have a valid Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number (Fursure Insurance Debit Card requirement only)

The account is only available to individuals for personal, family or household purposes and may not be opened by a business in any form or used for business purposes.
Terms of Service
For questions about our terms of service, please refer to our Terms page (last updated January 2023).
Contact Us
Have questions or general inquiries that we haven’t addressed here? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or by using our live chat using the “Contact Customer Support” button on the Settings menu.
Fursure App FAQs
What information can I use to sign up for and sign into my Fursure app account?
You can sign up by creating a Fursure profile with a unique password. Also, at times we may require that you enter in a verification code that we deliver to you via SMS or email. Note that you will not be able to apply for the Fursure Insurance Debit Card without first purchasing a pet insurance plan from us.

Similarly, you can sign into the Fursure App using your email that you signed up with. If signing in with your email, you will also need to enter in the password you created at the time of signing up. At times we may require that you enter in a verification code that we deliver to you via SMS or email.
I can’t remember my password to my Fursure app.
To request a new password, click on “Forgot password?” when logging in and enter in your email when prompted. Click the “Reset password” button at the bottom of the screen. We will then send a time-sensitive link to your email inbox for you to reset your password. Open up your email to access that link which will then direct you to a page where you may reset your password back in our app.
App Not Working or Error Messages
We’re always iterating on our app, so if you encounter any technical issues with using our app or error messages, please don’t hesitate to forward the error message or details regarding the issue to our team via live chat using the “Contact Customer Support” button on the Settings menu between the hours of 9am to 5pm ET or by emailing us at We will definitely bring this to the appropriate department’s attention and work to address this as soon as possible. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to let us know.
Where do I find the code to sign into my Fursure app?
Fursure protects our users by requiring Multifactor Authentication (MFA). At times we may require that you enter in a verification code that we deliver to you via SMS or email.
How do I update my Fursure account with a new phone number or email?
When signing in, we may request that you submit an additional code to authenticate your identity and protect your personal information. This provides an additional layer of protection to add an extra level of security to your account. We may send this code via email or SMS, whichever you prefer. Please do not share this code with anyone. Fursure will never request that you provide your code on a phone call, text message, email, or chat.

If you have a new phone number or email address, contact our support team at
Fursure Pet Insurance FAQs
Why pet insurance?
Pet insurance is incredibly important for pet parents for many reasons. Pet insurance covers your pet in case of any accidents or illnesses that may occur over their lifetime. Veterinary bills continue to rise each year and procedures can be extremely expensive, often costing many hundreds if not thousands and thousands of dollars. Our mission is to transform the way people care for and spend on their pets. Part of that mission is educating and providing insight to pet parents to help them find the best pet insurance policy for their pet and budget. No one should ever have to choose between taking care of their pet and their ability to afford medical treatment.
What kind of dog/dog parent will benefit the most from pet insurance?
Most pet parents will benefit from having insurance. The exception are people that have tens of thousands of dollars lying around that will easily be able to afford a treatment if something were to happen. If you have the ability to pay a large vet bill out of pocket, pet insurance may not make sense for you. There are certain dog breeds that are at higher risk for health issues, or have breed-specific illnesses which can be extremely costly. If a dog parent is looking to be safe, it makes sense to insure them as early as possible.
Pet insurance policies mentions a limit (or cap) on benefits. What does that mean?
The annual limit is the maximum that Fursure Pet Insurance will pay out for claims in a year. We usually recommend at least $10,000 for dogs and $7,500 for cats because some issues can get up that high (if not higher!). We also offer Unlimited annual limits, meaning we won’t cap your annual payout at all. Most pet parents select Unlimited plans because they typically aren’t too much more expensive and provide pet owners with peace of mind in a world where vet costs are increasing exponentially.
If you have a special needs dog - is there a different approach to pet insurance?
Special needs can encompass a variety of mental and physical ailments in pets such as missing one or more limbs, paralysis, deafness and blindness, and social anxiety. There isn’t currently a unique policy crafted with these pets in mind, so the approach to insurance for these furry family members would be the same as any others. Pet parents should keep in mind that if their pet already struggles with a disability, unfortunately that disability would not be covered with any pet insurance company today if it came up prior to buying their insurance plan, because no pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions at this time.
At what age does my pet need insurance?
You can purchase pet insurance for your dog or cat at a minimum age of 7 or 8 weeks of age. We highly recommend that our customers purchase insurance as soon as they bring their pet home from the breeder or shelter or rescue. If you wait and your pet develops any medical problems before your plan is activated, those are considered pre-existing conditions by all companies, and pre-existing conditions are currently not covered by any providers in the US.
Will I save money with pet insurance?
Many veterinarians say chances are in the course of a pet’s life you will have at least 1 major medical bill. If that happens, paying a reasonable amount per month with pet insurance will save you money, rather than paying for a large bill out of pocket. In many cases savings won’t cut it, especially if there is more than 1 large bill that happens over many years.

We try to encourage our customers to think over the long term when it comes to paying for their pet’s health over their lifetime. With insurance, it’s less about being up one year or down the next, it’s about making sure your pet is covered when you need it most, and saving over the course of your pet’s lifetime.
What services/treatments are covered under pet insurance?
The vast majority of pet insurance plans cover accidents and illnesses- the unexpected costs. Fursure offers a wellness add-on to pay for a portion of preventative care costs. By default, normal, expected visits to the vet are not included with pet insurance -- which is surprising to most people (since that’s different from human health insurance).
What are congenital and hereditary conditions, and are these conditions covered?
Congenital conditions are those that are present from birth, while hereditary conditions aren’t necessarily present from birth but can be tied to a gene passed down from our pet’s lineage. Some examples of congenital conditions are heart defects and skeletal defects, and some examples of hereditary conditions are hip dysplasia in German Shepherds and Autoimmune Thyroiditis in Australian Shepherds. Fursure Pet Insurance will cover congenital and hereditary conditions, so long as symptoms of the conditions were not present prior to enrolling your pet.
Does pet insurance cover routine expenses like vaccinations, heartworm testing, flea medication, and spaying/neutering?
Fursure’s base plan does not cover routine costs such as vaccinations and heartworm tests, however Fursure Wellness Rewards is an optional add-on that can help pet parents spread out the cost of wellness over 12 months, plus earn a $25 bonus!
Fursure Wellness FAQs
How does Fursure Wellness Rewards work?
Instead of paying hundreds of dollars up front at the vet’s office, Fursure Wellness Rewards lets you split $240 worth of wellness coverage over the course of 12 months. In addition, you will receive an annual $25 bonus right away. Additionally, unlike other Wellness plans, Fursure Wellness Rewards doesn’t make you pay up-front for veterinary bills! Instead, you would simply submit the estimate in the Fursure App when you receive it at the vets office, and get approved for wellness care rapidly (often instantly)! Then, swipe your Fursure Insurance Debit Card to pay!
Where can I submit receipts for reimbursement?
When you log into your Fursure app, click on Policy on the menu on the bottom of the screen. Then, select the option to Manage Care under the pet that received wellness care. Finally, select Submit a Receipt on the top of the page to begin the process of uploading your receipt and submitting your claim. Our team will review your claim within 14 days, but typically within hours!
What types of wellness care does the plan cover?
Here at Fursure, we believe that wellness coverage should be straightforward and easy to understand. That's why we didn't include any limitations on the amount pet parents are able to spend from their Wellness plan of $265 on each type of care. As long as the care is preventative in nature and not intended to treat or diagnose an ongoing or suspected accident or illness, it qualifies for Fursure Wellness Rewards.
Do I have to have the Fursure Insurance Debit Card to use Fursure Wellness Rewards?
You do not have to have the Fursure  Insurance Debit Card to use Fursure Wellness Rewards, however you do have to have a physical Fursure  Insurance Debit Card in order to use Fursure Vet Pay. Fursure Vet Pay is our direct pay feature that allows you to use your Wellness plan to pay your vet directly rather than having to front the cost of wellness care and submit receipts for reimbursement after the fact.

In addition, you must have the Fursure smartphone app to submit claims and manage your Fursure Wellness Rewards plan. We hope to offer an online policy management tool for our wellness plans in the near future.
What happens if I don't have enough Wellness Plan to cover the wellness charges when I'm at the vet?
If you do not have enough money remaining in your Wellness plan to cover the total cost of care, be sure to load enough additional funds ahead of time onto your Fursure  Insurance Debit Card or bring another form of payment to cover that additional cost.
What happens if the vet bill changes when I arrive and I need more funds to pay for the vet bill?
If for any reason your estimate for wellness care changes and you need to update the total amount prior to your appointment or while at the vet’s office, simply open up your Fursure App and click on Plans on the menu bar to view your pet’s plan and update the cost of treatment. It’s that easy!

If you have enough of a balance in your Wellness plan left to cover the remainder of the new total cost, those will be approved and applied to your total balance. If you do not have enough in your Wellness balance to cover the total cost of care, be sure to load enough additional funds ahead of time onto your Fursure Insurance Debit Card to cover that additional cost.
Fursure Insurance Debit Card FAQs
How does Fursure's direct pay at the vet work?
Fursure doesn’t make you pay up-front for veterinary bills! Simply submit the estimate in the Fursure App when you receive it at the vets office, and get approved for wellness care rapidly (often instantly)! Then, swipe your Fursure  Insurance Debit Card to pay from your insurance or wellness plan.

Here’s how Fursure Direct Pay works:

1 - If you haven’t already, download the Fursure App and apply for your Fursure Insurance Debit Card. It’s completely free, doesn’t require a credit check, and takes just a few minutes.
2 - After downloading the Fursure App and getting approved for your Fursure Insurance Debit Card, you should receive your Fursure Debit Card in the mail within 7-10 business days.
3 - When you next schedule an appointment for PETNAME’s preventative care, log onto your Fursure app and quickly submit a few details about your upcoming appointment.
4 - Once we approve your card to cover care (typically instantly), we will confirm in the app so you know how much you have available to spend at your upcoming visit.
5 - Once at the vet, simply swipe your card to pay for wellness care, up to the approved amount.

If you happen to pay for your vet bill up front instead of using Fursure Vet Pay, you can also submit receipts for reimbursement directly within the Fursure app.
How do I link my bank account?
Fursure has partnered with Plaid to allow for customers to easily link their bank account by logging into their bank’s platform using their bank username/email and password.

In the app, you will see the option to select “Deposit” in the middle of the screen. When you select this option you will the be given two options:

1) select “Link Bank Account” to easily and conveniently log into your bank’s portal to authorize and link your bank account, or

2) select “ACH Transfer” to manually enter your bank account information including your routing and account number.
My card is lost or stolen.
If your physical debit card is lost or stolen, we would recommend that you immediately lock your card through the app by accessing the “Settings” tab on the menu navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Scroll to the bottom to locate the button that says “Lock card” and toggle the option on or off to lock or unlock your card.

You may also contact us directly to report your card as lost or stolen via live chat using the “Contact Customer Support” button on the Settings menu between the hours of 9am and 5pm ET. We will freeze your card on our end to prevent further unauthorized transactions and help you to order a replacement card. If it is after our business hours, you may also contact Visa Support at 1-833-333-0417 to report your card as lost or stolen.
How do I submit a dispute for fraudulent charges?
If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account please contact our team immediately at or via live chat using the “Contact Customer Support” button on the Settings menu between the hours of 9am and 5pm ET. When you contact us, please let us know which transactions you wish to dispute and at that time we will review your accounts and help to keep your accounts secure. If you have already filed a fraud claim, please know that we will work as quickly as possible to resolve your claim.

We would also recommend that while waiting to get ahold of us you lock your card through the app by accessing the Settings tab on the menu navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Scroll to the bottom to locate the button that says Lock Card and toggle the option on or off to lock or unlock your card.

If you believe you have received a suspicious email or text message, do not engage. Forward any suspicious emails or text messages to

If you believe that you have responded to a suspicious email or text message by opening a link or attachment or providing your personal or account information, contact Visa Support immediately at [1-833-333-0417](tel: 8333330417).
Is there a deposit limit?
There is no minimum amount required to deposit onto your Fursure Insurance Debit Card. At this time you are able to deposit up to $1,000 per day on the card via transfers from another bank account. There is no daily limit on deposits from an employer (direct deposits), so your employer is able to deposit an unlimited amount into your account.
How do I add my card to my digital wallet?
At this time we have not yet added the capability to automatically download your card into your Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay digital wallet, but you may manually accomplish this by manually copying and pasting your virtual card information into your digital wallet by following the steps below:

1 - Click on the “Card” tab on the bottom of your app screen.
2 - Click on the image of your Fursure Insurance Debit Card at the top of the screen. You may be prompted to enter in a code for security purposes.
3 - Click on the “Show” button to reveal your card details.
4 - Copy and paste the card details from the in the app to your device’s digital wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay).

After Apple/Google Pay is Added: After logging onto your account, click on the "Card" tab on the menu selection located at the bottom of the screen. Please select that tab to view your virtual card information. You will see a button in the middle of the page that says "Add to Apple/Google Wallet." Please select this option and follow the steps in your digital wallet to proceed with adding your virtual card to your digital wallet.
Are there any fees to withdraw or deposit using an AllPoint ATM?
There are no fees to use AllPoint ATMs for withdrawals or deposits! Please note that only select AllPoint ATMs offer deposits in addition to withdrawals. To find an AllPoint + ATM near you that allows for deposits, we recommend downloading their smartphone app here:

Google Play App (for Android)
App Store App (for iPhone)
Can I deposit onto my card using an AllPoint ATM?
There are select AllPoint ATM locations that can be used to make deposits. These ATMs are called AllPoint + ATMs! To find an AllPoint + ATM near you that allows for deposits, we recommend downloading AllPoint's free smartphone app here and filtering the map for "Accepts Deposits":

Google Play App (for Android)
App Store App (for iPhone)
Is there a fee to process instant deposits?
Yes, there is a 2% fee that is deducted from the transfer amount for each instant transfer.
Can I instantly deposit from a bank account, credit/debit card, or both?
At this time you can only instantly deposit from a debit card, not a bank account or credit card. We are working on offering an option in the future for faster ACH deposits than our current processing time of 3-5 business days.
How do I apply for a Fursure Insurance Debit card?
After signing up for your Fursure Pet Insurance plan, download the Fursure App and apply for your Fursure Card. It’s completely free, doesn’t require a credit check, and takes just a few minutes!
How do I order my physical debit card?
Once you make your first deposit, you are able to use your virtual card following our approval process, which is typically instant. This process is a fraud prevention measure to protect your security.

Upon request, we can mail you a copy of your new physical debit card, which typically arrives in 4-7 business days.
How do I activate my debit card?
Virtual cards will be automatically activated after your application has been approved. To activate your physical debit card, please contact Visa Support at 1-833-333-0417.
How do I redeem the points that I’ve accumulated?
You may redeem your points right within the Fursure  app! You will be given two options to either 1) claim the points from the vet purchase or 2) redeem your current point balance towards that transaction. Once you select your preferred option, you will be asked to confirm your decision. Once you submit this request, your account will be credited any redeemed points within 14 business days maximum, but typically instantly.

Please note that you must have a minimum balance of 500 points in order to redeem.
Which vets can I redeem points towards?
You may redeem points towards purchases with any licensed vet in the United States. We may also make exceptions for point redemptions towards certain medications like preventatives that are purchased outside of a vet’s office.
Are there any transaction fees for using my debit card?
Fursure doesn’t impose any transaction fees when you use your virtual or physical debit card, but some merchants may impose a transaction fee or surcharge. Please confirm any fees with merchants before making purchases.
Is there a fee to withdraw cash from an ATM?
There are no fees to use AllPoint ATMs for withdrawals! To find an AllPoint ATM near you, we recommend downloading AllPoint’s free smartphone app here to access their ATM map:

Google Play App (for Android)
App Store App (for iPhone).

Outside of AllPoint ATMs, the fee depends on the provider of the ATM you choose. You can make withdrawals at eligible, U.S.-based ATMs that are part of the Visa, Plus, Interlink, or Accel networks. Please bear in mind that most ATM operators set their own fees, so the range of fees is wide: ATM withdrawals typically cost between $2 and $5 on top of the withdrawn amount.Fursure will not impose any additional fees beyond those charged by the ATM provider. Please note that ATM withdrawal transactions are not eligible for rewards.
Is Fursure secure and FDIC-insured?
Fursure is a financial technology company and is not a bank. Banking services are provided by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.; Member FDIC. Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. is secure and insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to $250,000.
Is a credit check required?
There is no credit check required to open a Fursure Insurance Debit Card.

Fursure will request your Social Security Number to confirm your identity. Fursure will not save your Social Security Number. Providing this information will not impact your credit score nor be shared with any other third parties.
Do you have to deposit money to use the card?
Yes, in order to start spending, you would have to deposit money first as it is a debit card, not a credit card.
How long does it take for a deposit to post?
We offer several options for adding funds to your Insurance Debit Card including: 1) direct deposit, 2) ACH transfers, and 3) instant transfers from a debit card.

To set up direct deposit, simply click on Account Information under Settings in the app to access your account information. You can then share this information with your employer to get direct deposit set up for a portion or all of your paycheck to go onto the card- it’s that easy!

Alternatively, for no fee, you can transfer funds via ACH (bank) transfer by using Plaid, our third party platform that allows customers to seamlessly link their bank account in the Fursure app. Typically, ACH deposits initiated from another bank account take around 3-5 business days to clear onto your card from the time when you initiate them in our app.

Also, for a 2% fee, you can conveniently transfer funds instantly from a debit card to your card.
Is there a minimum deposit required to use the card?
There is no minimum deposit required.
Are instant transfers truly instant?
Please note that while instant transfers typically show up within minutes, on occasion we’ve seen them take up to 30 minutes. If you notice a delay that is longer than this, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team at
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