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10 Tips For Affording Pet Costs & Expenses

Budgeting for a pet can be difficult, here are 10 tips on how pet owners can afford pet costs and expenses.

Whether you’re a new pet parent or an experienced pet owner, the cost of care for your dog or cat can be difficult to manage and budget. Pet care can be expensive, but with the right perspective and plan in place, pet owners can find a way to take care of their pet and afford any costs they may incur. 

Being financially prepared is a pillar of being a pet parent and our team at Fursure wants to make sure that you feel confident when it comes to taking care of your best friend. 

Here are 10 tips to help pet parents afford pet costs, expenses and treatments for their dog or cat.

10 Tips For Affording Pet Costs & Expenses

1. Shop Around For The Best Prices 

If you want to save money on the essentials for your pet - food, toys and treats, then you need to be willing to do some research. Just like you may search for coupons and deals on your own groceries, shopping around for the best price on your pet purchases will help you save money over time. 

This can be done by comparing prices between your local store and online shops. And, you can join pet rewards programs such as Pet Rewards by PetSmart that will offer you points and discounts for every purchase you make. 

2. Buy Food & Treats in Bulk

Once you’ve found the perfect brand of food and treats for your pet, consider purchasing in bulk. In most cases, purchasing in bulk will allow you to save money and also keep you prepared, which will help eliminate panic buying supplies when your pet runs out of food. 

Buying food and treats in bulk is a common practice for pet owners. Just be sure to read the labels for proper storage and shelf life. 

3. Use a Rewards Debit Card For Pet Purchases

Since you’ll be making several purchases for your pet each month, why not get rewarded for taking such great care of your pet? 

If you want to earn points for every pet purchase you make, you need to check out our Fursure Rewards Debit Card. With our Rewards Debit Card, you’ll earn 5x points on all pet spend that can be used to cover veterinary care for your pet. Veterinarian treatments are often the most expensive cost for many pet owners, so we want to reward pet parents for taking the very best care of their furry friends. 

It’s the first debit card made for pet parents, by pet parents. Learn more and sign up for your free card, here!

4. Groom Your Pet At Home

Taking care of your pet’s physical appearance can be expensive. Regular visits to the groomer can add up and for pet parents to save, they should consider grooming their pet at home. 

Grooming your pet on your own is simple. With some pet shampoo and a brush for their fur, you can keep your pet clean without breaking the bank. 

5. Brush Your Pet’s Teeth At Home

In addition to fur grooming, brushing your pet’s teeth at home will help you save on pet costs. Regular dental visits are necessary to keep your pet’s oral hygiene in the best shape, so you will still need to bring them to the veterinarian for checkups. 

Yet, to keep your pet’s teeth clean on a regular basis - all you need is an at home brushing kit complete with a toothbrush and pet toothpaste. Get your pet into a weekly routine and save up your money for other pet related expenses. 

6. Take Your Pet To The Vet Regularly

While taking your pet to the veterinarian regularly will be an expense, it will save you money in the long run. This is because regular veterinarian visits can help you understand the health of your pet, see if something is currently wrong and whether they may need medical attention. 

Annual veterinarian visits serve as preventive care. That way you can see what is going on with your pet, catch it early before something occurs and you have to pay for emergency care and treatment. 

7. Utilize Your Friends & Family For Pet Care

Another expense that many pet owners need to consider are the costs of pet walking, pet sitting or pet boarding. If you’re someone who works out of the house or travels frequently, you’re probably spending a decent amount of money on services to take care of your pet while you’re away. 

In order to cut back on how much you’re spending, you can save money by utilizing your network. Ask a friend or family member if they’d be willing to watch your pet. Whether they offer to do it for free or you provide them with compensation, you’ll save money over time. You could also find a neighbor in your building who also has a pet and who’s willing to take turns watching each other’s pets when one of you is out or busy. 

8. Purchase Pet Insurance

One of the best ways to afford pet costs and expenses that are related to your pet’s health and well-being is to purchase a pet insurance policy. 

Pet insurance protects your pet in the event of an accident or illness that may occur during their lifetime. Veterinary care is expensive and emergency medical treatment can easily cost pet parents thousands of dollars if their pet is not insured. In order to help you afford medical treatment for your dog or cat, pet insurance is the way to go. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you can afford to take care of your pet no matter what.

At Fursure, we’re dedicated to helping pet parents take care of their best friends and feel financially secure and confident in the process. We’re a team of pet insurance advisors that help you find the best pet insurance policy for your pet and budget.

We’re completely free to use and with just a few details about your pet, we’ll send you a list of customized policies to choose from. Select the best one for you and get your pet signed up in just a few minutes.

To get your pet protected and covered in just a few minutes, buy a pet insurance policy today!

9. Keep Your Pet Active & Healthy

While you never want to think about your pet falling ill or having an accident, the truth is that these instances do occur. While we take preventative action by bringing our pet to the veterinarian for regular visits, we can also maintain their health by keeping them active and healthy. 

To do this, we should pay attention to the food we feed our pet and prioritize daily exercise and activity. In some cases, your pet can get sick or have an accident even if they are in the best possible shape. But, as a pet parent, we should do our best to keep our pets healthy, so that they can live a long and happy life. 

10. DIY Toys & Treats 

The last tip to affording pet costs and expenses is to get creative with a little DIY project. Constantly buying new toys or expensive treats for your pet isn’t sustainable for many pet owners. So, if you want to pamper your pet, consider learning how to make your own toys and treats. 

Check out one of the many pet blogs that gives pet owners tips and tricks on how to DIY fun toys and delicious treats for your pet. 

As you can see, there are many ways for pet owners to afford pet costs and expenses. We hope these 10 pet financial tips were helpful and allow you to feel more prepared when it comes to taking care of your best friend.

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