5 Best Dog Training Services In Louisville, Kentucky

Training your dog on your own can be a difficult task, so if you need some help here are the best dog training services in Louisville, Kentucky.

Did you adopt a new puppy in 2020? Or maybe, with you spending more time at home, you’ve realized that your dog is in need of some behavioral training?

Whether you want to do virtual training or head outside for a socially distanced session, there are several ways for you to help your dog’s confidence and behavior with the guidance of an experienced trainer.

If you’re based in the Louisville, Kentucky area, here are 5 dog training services for your furry friend.

5 Dog Training Services in Louisville

Bark Busters

Bark Busters is a home dog training service run by expert dog trainer, Doug Rountree.

“The Bark Busters worldwide home dog training service guarantee is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog’s behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind.”

Here are four important points to their training method:

1. Training dog owners, not dogs

2. You will see immediate results after our first lesson

3. Use only positive, humane methods - no shock collars or clicker training

4. Our dog training works where other methods such as classes have failed

Here is a sample testimonial from a happy customer:

“We were very pleased with training with Doug. We could not believe the difference in Jack the day of the first lesson. We will recommend Bark Busters.” Pat H.”

These are the current services that Bark Busters offers:

Behavioral Issue Training

Puppy Management and Training

Basic Obedience Training that takes place in your home.

They assess your current household and how elements can influence your dog’s behaviors. Then, your dog trainer will teach you methods of communication that will help you lead your dog with confidence.

Their training programs help solve problems such as:


Separation Anxiety


Toileting Marking

OCD* Aggression

Pulling on Lead


To learn more about how Bark Busters can help your dog, visit their website here.

Kentucky Humane

The Kentucky Humane Society offers private and group training for your and your dog.

They have in person private training and virtual private training. Private training lessons are one hour each and are $80 per lesson or $288 for a 4 lesson package.

For in person private training, the trainer can meet you in your own yard or anywhere else in your city to help you set up your behavioral goals and adjust your dog’s challenges. They also offer virtual private training, where you can have a one on one video chat with the trainer.For virtual group classes, these last for 6 weeks and are available online as video sessions.

These classes are called Manners for life and cover the basics such as sit, down, leash walking, coming when called and interacting with others.

This is why the Humane Society believes you should choose their behavior training:

They find proactive solutions for your dog

Their trainers have been educated in positive reinforcement training

And, their trainers hold professional training certifications

They also have a low student to instructor ratio for more individualized attention. In all, their training can help you:

Develop a better relationship with your pet

Prevent canine behaviors such as chewing, jumping, play biting

Address bad behaviors

Socialize your dog with other animals

To learn more, you can visit their website here.

Rosie Dane Training

Rosie Dane Training motto is that, “your dog can be the dog of your dreams.”

"We’re here to make your dog the best companion you’ve ever had. We build a relationship based on mutual respect and love. We make your life better and your dog’s life better.”

They use time tested training methods to help your dog be happy, reliable, calm and stable. These are the classes that they offer:

Group classes

Private lessons

Their graduate classes are $160 per lesson, $270 for group classes and private lessons for $75 per hour. In terms of training style, these are the skillsets they specialize in:





Come to you on command

To learn more about their current class offerings and to book your session, you can visit their website here or send an email to rosiedanedogtraining@gmail.com.


Feeders Supply

Feeders Supply offers the Happy Tails Dog Training Classes.

“Help your pet be the best they can be. A well behaved pet is the goal of obedience training. You’ll learn how to socialize your pet and how to prevent unwanted behaviors.”

Each session of classes runs for 6 weeks and each class is one hour each. The trainers are certified by the Animal Behavior College or are a graduate of Happy Trails Pet Training Apprentice Program and have a minimum of 5 years of training experience.

The 6 week session fee is $94. These are the different levels of classes they offer:

Level I Puppy / Adult Combo

Level II Adult* Level III Adult

CGC/CGCA Tricks and Therapy Dog Prep

Fun and Games With Your Dog* Agility

Nose Work


Smart Puppy

If you’re ready to sign up for a class, you can visit their website here.

Bullet Proof Dog Training

Bullet Proof Dog Training wants to help you and your furry friends.

Owned by Bill Thomas, Bullet Proof is all about passion, dedication and a love of dogs. Bill has served in the US Navy and served as a military working dog patrol, narcotic and bomb handler, kennel master and instructor.“

Bill and his team offer decades of dog training experience to share with you and your dog.”

They offer the following services:

5 day Board and Train

One on one dog training

Puppy classes

Beginner lessons

Advanced Lessons

In Home Dog Lessons

Therapy Dog Training

Here is sample review from a customer:

"We just picked our Luna from Bulletproof Dog Training today. I felt very comfortable leaving our 5 month old puppy with BDT. Quentin did a great job with her during the 15 day training. He sent us pictures and videos occasionally during the training so we could see she was doing well. He carefully reviewed the commands with her when we picked her up and spent plenty of time with my wife and I walking through the commands so we could reinforce the training and have a happy, well trained dog. I would definitely recommend Bulletproof Dog Training!”

To learn more about Bullet Proof and book your own training session, you can visit their website here or send them an email at tom@bulletproofdogtraining.us.

As you can see there are several great options for dog training services in Louisville.While you’re thinking about bettering your dog’s behavior, have you considered how you’re going to keep them healthy and protected in case of an accident or illness?


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