5 Top Dog Training Providers in the United States

If you're looking for a trainer, these are the top dog training services in the United States for your furry friend.

In 2020, there are many options for pet parents who want to have their dog professionally trained.

Whether you use a board and training school, a private trainer or remote resources - there are plenty of dog training resources to go around.

Yet, while the supply is high - does every dog training service offer the best of the best for your furry friend? There’s no doubt that some trainers stand above the rest. And, if you want the highest quality training for your dog, there are specific trainers that are definitely worth checking out.

Here are 5 of the top dog trainers and providers that offer quality training programs and are based across the United States.

5 Top Dog Training Providers in The United States

Paul Owens - The Original Dog Whisperer

Paul Owens is referred to as the original Dog Whisperer. With over 45 years in training, he is one the world’s “leading proponents of positive, force free, nonviolent, animal training.”

In 2015, he was named one of the first among 27 dog training professionals to earn the title of Professional Canine Trainer through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board.

And, in 2019 he was recognized as a top dog trainer in the USA by TopDogTips.com

Here is Paul’s personal belief on dog training:

“Because of the link between dog and human behavior, nonviolent dog training contributes to helping build a world of peace for humans and dogs. When people, especially children, are successful using nonviolent methods with animals, they feel good about themselves and they are encouraged to have a kinder, more positive attitude with their friends, family, and the environment.”

Currently, Paul offers online dog training. You will get one on one personalized training for you and your dog within the comfort of your own home. It will help enhance communication, learn new tricks and solve your dog’s behavioral problems.

Additionally, you can purchase his Ultimate Dog Training DVD, which is an hour long program to help you train your dog at home. It covers basic training, the nine ingredients, health and safety, crate training, socialization, house training, games and more.

To learn more about Paul and how he can help your dog, visit his website here or send him an email at info@originaldogwhisperer.com


Dogmantics is a training system that is based on science and ruled by ethics.

Created by Emily Larlham, the Dogmantics school is located in San Diego, California. She rose to fame for her Youtube Channel, Kikopup which has over 350 free in depth dog training videos and tutorials.

She conducts seminars around the world on her dog training techniques and has also spoken at conferences about her methods and practice.

Everything that Emily offers can be used at home. She has her free Youtube videos, membership videos, video classes that can be streamed for a fee, self study courses, and seminars that you can attend.

Here are her different membership options:

  • Weekly Inspirations Membership - $99
  • Weekly Puppy Insights - $49
  • Weekly Manners - $49
  • 10 Kikopup Members Videos - $39.99

And, some of her paid videos include:

  • Running a Multi Dog Household
  • Refining Your Training Skills
  • The Art of Trick Dogging
  • 101 Ways To think Outside the Box

To learn more about Dogmantics, visit their website here.

Larry Benoit Dog Training

Larry Benoit believes that a “trained human is a dog’s best friend.”

Voted one of the top ten dog trainers in America, Larry teaches the Dick Russell Method of Dog Obedience in the Baton Rouge Metro Area.

They offer group classes and drop off training as well as outdoor training.

Here is a list of their packages:

  • Basic Obedience Group Class
  • 5 weeks for $150
  • Drop Off Training
  • One on one personal training for 10 days
  • $500
  • Private In Home Training
  • Four week course in home for $500
  • Intensive Home Training
  • 2 weeks for $1250

Here is a testimonial from a happy customer:

“Dr. Brother Hackett, our vet., recommended Larry to us to get Bubs, our 8 year old schnauzer, to behave. Larry came to our home once weekly for 4 weeks & Bubs is a new dog. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?"

To see if Larry is the right trainer for you, visit his website here or send him an email at help@larrybenoitdogtrainer.com

Florida Dog Trainer

Florida Dog Trainer is run by James Hamm. They service Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville and Beyond.

As a U.S. army veteran, Hamm’s background is in Military working dogs, hunting dogs and companion pet dogs. He specializes in off leash dog obedience and helping with problematic behavior.

These are the current programs offered:

  • Puppy Training and In Home Private Lessons
  • Puppy Consultation
  • Puppy Steps Class - 4 week program
  • Obedience, Socialization, Games, Tactical Experiences
  • Puppy Boot Camp
  • Florida Resident Board and Train
  • Learn basic manners and obedience
  • House breaking
  • Crate training
  • Quiet down
  • Wait at the door
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Walk with you on and off the leash
  • Heel
  • Go inside
  • And, much more!

Here is a sample testimonial:

“The difference in my dog is truly incredible and I cannot explain in words how dramatic the change has been to Baby, me, my house, and my family. I love this dog and now I can enjoy her in ways I never thought possible.”

If you’re located in the Florida area and think that Hamm’s training is right for you, visit his website here or send an email to james@floridadogtrainer.com

Raising Your Pets Naturally

Raising your pets naturally is all about “inspiring pet parents from all over the world to live a happy, natural pet lifestyle.”

Led by Tonya Wilhelm, the program aims to help pets through positive training and a holistic approach.

She has been in the pet community since 1998 and was named one of the top dog trainers in the United states, twice.

Located in Ohio, these are the current programs offered by Tonya:

  • Dog Training and Behavior -
  • Individual Coaching (120 mile radius Toledo, OH)
  • Services are offered in your home or via the internet
  • Private Dog Training Sessions
  • Customized and positive dog training session
  • Phone / Skype Coaching
  • Online Community
  • $3 month for live streams and exclusive videos
  • Healthy recipes for your dog and more

If you’re interested in Tonya’s approach to dog training, you can learn more about her services on her website here.

There you have it, five of the top dog training providers based all around the United States.

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