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6 Dog Daycare Services in Houston, Texas

To keep your dog happy and social while you’re away, here are 6 dog daycare services in Houston.

If you’re in need of a home away from home for your furry companion, you need to find a dog daycare that you can trust. A reputable and professional daycare service will make sure that your dog is happy, healthy and has a great time while you’re away. 

Here are 6 dog daycare services you should consider if you live in the Houston, Texas area. 

6 Dog Daycare Services in Houston, Texas


Dogtopia is an open play daycare center with a boarding facility and spa. They are open 7AM-7PM Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM on Saturdays and 10AM-2PM on Sundays. 

At Dogtopia, your dog will be in a playroom with other dogs based on their size, temperament and play style. 

These are some of the reasons they believe you should choose Dogtopia for your dog:

  • Lots of attention from their dog loving team
  • Supervised open play
  • Climate controlled play areas
  • Webcam access
  • Team trained in dog body language
  • Compressed rubberized mats
  • Excellent customer service

Here are their prices:

  • 1 visit: $34
  • 5 day pass: $32 per day
  • 10 day pass: $31 per day
  • 20 day pass: $30 per day

And, this is what a happy client has to say:

“My 5 month old doberman Luna has been twice. When I pick her up she's happy and worn out from playing. The staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable leaving your dog in their care. When I looked in from work, my Luna was playing her heart out with other energetic pups. This is the level of socialization that I wanted my dog to have. Great job Dogtopia team! This is just what I hoped for. Somewhere my pup can go when I'm busy or she just wants some friends to keep her company. Looking forward to seeing my puppy play with all the other pooches again. You're her new favorite place to go.”

To get in touch, sign your dog up for daycare here. 

Dogs R Dogs

Dogs R Dogs is the place where dogs can be dogs. 

“This may go without saying, but we love dogs. You can count on the experienced and dedicated daycare staff at Dogs R Dogs in Houston to not only take good care of your canine companion, but to make sure they receive every benefit possible from our care and daily programming.” 

These are some reasons why they believe dogs truly thrive at their daycare:

  • Socialization
  • Safe Environment
  • Avoiding Anxiety
  • They Offer Structure 
  • Affordable Pricing

Here is their pricing:

  • Single Visit: $40
  • 5 Day Pass: $36 per day
  • 10 Day Pass: $35 per day
  • 20 Day Pass: $34 per day
  • 30 Day Pass: $32 per day
  • Saturday: $28
  • One Month Pass: $540

Before your dog can come to daycare, they must complete a $20 evaluation (minimum of 4 hours) plus a full day of daycare $40 to assess your dog’s temperament. 

This is what a happy, returning customer has to say:

“My dog Zane has been going here for a few years now and is always so excited to go. The staff are great and the dogs play all day to really get their energy out.”

You can book your dog’s stay here, call 281-815-2871 or email 

The Best Little Dog House in Texas 

The Best Little Dog House in Texas is a dog daycare, boarding and grooming center for small dogs - about 35 pounds and under. 

“We believe that our fun interactive environment provides your dogs with the best daycare and boarding experience.” 

This is their pricing:

  • $35 for a full day
  • $22 for a half day (less than 6 hours)
  • $20 - Saturday and Sunday (per day)

During daycare your dog will be able to play and socialize with other dogs. They will be evaluated for temperament in order to ensure the safety of the group. 

This is what a happy customer has to say:

“My dog loves this place! The entire staff is caring, courteous, friendly ... I get a daily update with pics of my fur baby. She looks very happy when there. I trust and am confident that my dog is safe and content.”

Book your dog’s stay by visiting their website here or calling 713-533-1117. 

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center

Meadowlake wants to offer your dog the perfect day out. 

“Meadowlake Pet Resort and Training features industry leading daycare programs that provide a safe, fun alternative to keep your pup at home all day.” 

These are the daycare options they offer:

  • Discovery Daycare 
  • Mentally stimulating activities such as brain teasers, agility courses, tactile sensory play, games and more.
  • Puppy Daycare
  • For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old, provides them with play, socialization and a fun experience. 
  • Social Daycare
  • A space where your dogs can socialize and make new friends in a supervised environment. 
  • Personal Daycare
  • Customized fun to keep your dog engaged

Before your dog can stay at daycare they must be up to date on all vaccinations. 

Here is what a past client has to say:

“The facilities are clean, lots of space for outside play, and the employees are amazing. I never worry about my pup staying with you because I know he is getting PLENTY of love and having more fun there than he would at home!"

To book your dog’s daycare stay, visit their website here, call 832-539-2468 or email 

Houston Dog Ranch

Houston Dog Ranch offers boarding, training, daycare and grooming services. 

They have 3 levels of daycare:

  • Daycare
  • For dogs who love to play
  • Monthly membership starting at $215
  • Active Dog Daycare
  • For dogs who are energetic and need structured stimulation
  • Monthly membership starting at $215
  • Adolescent Socialization
  • For vaccinated puppies that are under 1 year old looking to learn social skills 
  • Daily rate of $65

These are the daycare principles of Houston Dog Ranch:

  • Social Confidence
  • Social Competence
  • Social Tolerance
  • Social Restraint
  • Social Cohesion 

Here is review from a long time customer:

“My dog has participated in the Houston Dog Ranch daycare and boarding for 13 of her 15 years and I can’t begin to tell you what a treasure they are. The staff is very knowledgeable, caring and supportive and did wonders with my dog when she was young and even now in her “silver” years. In her youth she was a high energy dog and continues to hold her own at 15 years, which I contribute to HDR keeping her stimulated and happy! The Ranch itself is beautiful and so well planned with room to accommodate every dog's needs. The employees at the Ranch are like extended family and I plan to take all my future pets there! Well done HDR!”

To get in touch, visit their website here, call 713-465-2275 or email 

Yuppie Dog

Yuppie Dog has been in business since 2009, offering dog lodging, dog daycare and bathing services for your pet. 

“Yuppie Dog’s unique dog daycare programs benefit both dogs and their owners. We provide a fun and safe environment for dogs to play with other dogs while they socialize, release energy and have lots of fun.”

These are some of the perks of Yuppie Dog Daycare:

  • Built for fun
  • Caring, highly trained staff
  • Swimming pools
  • Climate controlled rest periods
  • Individual daycare available
  • Convenient location

They have secure fencing in their outdoor play areas, 100% staff supervision, 24/7 security and air exchange systems, plenty of shade, playgroup selection based on temperament and small group size to ensure safety. 

Here is a review of their services:

“My furbabies had a terrific time. The staff was very professional and welcoming.”

For more information you can visit their website here or call 832-242-9886.  

As you can see, these dog training services in Houston, Texas are a great option to get your puppy or older dog back on track to good behavior and obedience. 

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