6 Dog Training Services in Columbia, South Carolina

If you’re in need of a dog trainer, here are 6 dog training services in Columbia, South Carolina.

Do you need help teaching your dog some new tricks? Or, do they need some guidance on how to behave better? 

Training your dog on your own can be tough. Instead of handling it by yourself, hire a professional dog trainer to guide your furry friend. 

With their expert advice, your dog will be behaving well in no time. 

If you’re based in the Columbia area, here are 6 dog training services for you to consider. 

6 Dog Training Services in Columbia, South Carolina

Pawsitively Obedient

Pawsitively Obedient is a training service that uses force, fear and pain free methods. 

“We are dedicated to not only provide you with the excellent dog training service that you are seeking but also at a price that is affordable and fits in your budget.”

Their training can help your dog curb behaviors such as:

  • Barking
  • Chewing
  • Jumping
  • Nipping
  • Digging
  • Begging
  • Stealing
  • Counter Surfing etc. 

These are the training services that they offer:

  • Puppy Manners and Obedience
  • Basic and Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification and Management
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen

Additionally, they offer service dog training and virtual options for dog training. 

Here is a testimonial from a happy customer:

“Ginger and Tony were wonderful working with Howie on his barking issues. Ginger was able to tell that a lot of Howie's issues stemmed from fear and a lack of confidence, and she and Tony helped us with obedience training and tricks to do with him that have had a huge impact on his confidence levels. I would highly recommend them."

To learn more and get training for your dog, visit their website here or call 803-722-6617. 

Contented Canines

Contented Canines is run and managed by Colonel Tom Kelly. He helps train and rehab behaviorally challenged dogs to make them well-mannered members of your family. 

“I follow a relationship-based training strategy that is based on understanding the world from the dog’s point of view and using that understanding to influence the dog’s choices and behavior. I also integrate key elements of the Training Between the Ears (TBTE) training system. 

These are the services he offers:

  • Behavior and Training Assessment: $169
  • Group Foundation Training: $280
  • Private Foundation Training
  • $550: Virtually
  • $650: In Studio 
  • $790: In Home
  • Jump Start Foundation Training: $950-$2950
  • Private “A La Carte” Services
  • Adoption Selection
  • Dog to Dog Introductions
  • Treadmill Training
  • Temperament Evaluations 

Here is a review from a past client:

“Working with Tom was one of the best things I did for my pup and me! We did the foundational course, and he really teaches you to understand how the dog thinks, and helped us shift Remi and my mindset so that he can live a happier life in a human world! Remi was a super anxious dog when we first started with Tom, but since our training he has learned to choose calmness in certain situations, learn that not all men are evil, and even have the courage to shimmy under the coffee table to grab his toy/treats. I am so impressed at how far we've come and super hopeful about how to navigate our relationship in the future using the tools that we've learned!”

To book your dog’s training, you can contact them by filling out their assessment prior to your free phone consultation, here. 

Woof University

Woof University is a dog training service with decades of knowledge and experience. 

They will help you:

  • Teach your dog right from the start
  • Prevent or stop unwanted behavior
  • Bond with your dog
  • Understand your dog better
  • Overcome challenges with your rescue dog

“Woof U’s training is about helping dogs reach their highest potential. We know that fear and pain are not necessary for having a well-trained dog. Dogs who are trained positively are less stressed, more social and more connected with their owners. We make learning fun for dogs and people.”

These are the training options they offer:

  • Private Training
  • Basic Obedience: $300-$350
  • Behavior Changes: $175-$225
  • Group Classes
  • Basic Obedience: $150
  • Canine Good Citizen: $150

Here is a review from a happy client:

“This was the best dog training class I have ever seen or attended. Everything taught in class was done to provide handlers with the knowledge, training, and confidence to keep their dogs safe in real-life situations."

To book your dog’s training and get in touch, you can visit their website here, email woofuniversity@gmail.com or call 803-356-7468. 

The Dog Wizard Columbia

The Dog Wizard offers effective training programs for your dog. 

“Through a combination of teamwork, patience, and acceptance, we can teach your dog valuable obedience lessons while simultaneously strengthening the relationship between pet and pet owner. “

These are the options they offer to assist you with your dog’s behavior: 

  • Obedience Programs
  • Raising Your Puppy
  • Program Solving 
  • Socialization
  • Rehabilitation
  • Separation Anxiety 

You can choose from group classes, private lessons, private classes and daycare in order to train your dog. 

Here is a review from a client:

“Krissy, has been amazing!!! She helped us blend our fur family together after I got married.  She did an amazing job with Tito, who I felt was going to be a super difficult case. Life is amazing because of her guidance and the fact that she is available when Tito’s parents get full of anxiety.  I cannot express our gratitude. We will be sending the other two fur children to learn manners. Thank you Krissy and The Dog Wizard.”

For more information, visit their website here or call 803-619-1373. 

Praise Your Dog Training

Praise Your Dog Training is an effective, reward-based training program. 

These are the training options they offer:

  • Basic Obedience: Private and Classes
  • Day Training
  • Virtual Consults and Lessons
  • Housetraining
  • New Puppy
  • Mouthing
  • Baby on the Way
  • Coming When Called
  • Aggression
  • Fearfulness
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Evaluation and Therapy Dog Training

Here are the classes offered and prices:

  • Basic Manners Classes: $175
  • Advanced Manners Classes: $175
  • Puppy Start Right Class: $175
  • Private Lessons
  • Basic Manners: $350
  • Puppy Head Start: $150
  • Day Training
  • $350-$500 per week
  • Behavior Modification: $100 per session 

You can view their full list of lessons and prices, here. 

Here is a review of their services:

“Phyllis was such an amazing help with our 3 year old female golden retriever, Marley. Phyllis is very professional and she helped guide us through making this a steady process rather than a quick fix. She helped with Marley’s anxiety around other dogs and she helped with implementing training into Marley’s daily life. She has been such an amazing help. 100% recommend"

For more information, email phyllis@praiseyourdogtraining.com or call 803-238-8740. 

Dog Daze 

Dog Daze offers training programs and options to meet most pet parents' budgets. 

“The advantage of working one on one with a trainer is that each dog is approached and trained according to his/her personality type, behavior problems and family goals.”

They offer two types of obedience training:

  • Private lessons: $80 per lesson
  • Residency Programs: 
  • These programs are highly effective for training hyperactive dogs, complicated behavior problems and dogs with aggression issues. 

Here is a review of their training services:

“​​Patrick was great. He really helped us with our dog! I highly recommend- he stands 100% by his work.”

To learn more, you can visit their website here, email dogdazellc@gmail.com or call 803-695-0091. 

As you can see, these dog training services in Columbia, South Carolina are a great option to get your puppy or older dog back on track to good behavior and obedience. 

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