6 Dog Training Services in Indianapolis

If you're looking for a dog trainer in Indiana, here are 6 dog training services in Indianapolis.

Are you having trouble with training your dog? Could your furry friend use some help when it comes to obedience, good behavior or getting along with other dogs?

Luckily, you don’t need to try and fix these issues on your own. With the help of an expert dog trainer, you can have your pet well mannered and behaved in no time.

If you’re based in the Indianapolis area, here are 6 dog training services to consider hiring.

6 Dog Training Services in Indianapolis

Circle Dog Training

Circle Dog Training is an Indianapolis training center for dogs of all breeds and ages.

It is owned and managed by trainer, Dawn Bailey, who has been working with dogs and their owners for many years.

“We specialize in dealing with dogs that have serious behavior issues, that would normally be labeled beyond help.”

They help you solve the most common behavior issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, excessive behaviors and hyperactivity.

These are the training services that they offer:

  • In-Home Training
  • Covering topics such as excessive behavior, separation anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity, leash pulling, housebreaking and basic obedience.
  • Puppy Training
  • For puppies that are at least 7 weeks of age.
  • Covers problems such as chewing, mouthing, barking, housebreaking, separation anxiety and basic obedience.
  • Aggressive Dog Training
  • In Home behavior consultation and setting training goals.
  • Dog Training for New Parents
  • Cribs and Canines where the trainer will help you create a positive environment for your dog in your home.

Here is a testimonial from a client:

“Dawn does an amazing job at dog training. She comes to your home which was great because my dogs learned in their normal environment. I have 3 dogs one being a very anxious 7 y/o German Shepherd that has completely calmed down. My other two dogs are listening so much better! It’s a much more peaceful house! Would recommend her to anyone!!”

To get in touch, you can call them at 317-527-6275.

Bradley Phifer

Bradely Phifer is a dog trainer and behavior consultant. He has over 17 years of experience and works with dogs of all breeds and temperaments.

“Bradley’s passion is to provide dog owners with long lasting solutions to dog related challenges.”

He has two training facilities:

  • Seven Acres: Board and Training center in Fairland, IN.
  • Bark Tutor: Day Training facility for behavioral and manner issues. Located in Indianapolis, IN.

The pillars of his dog training services are:

  • Peaceful atmosphere: Low dog to trainer ratio to instill a stronger bond with your pet and give them the attention they deserve.
  • Training and socialization: Unique to your dog and their behavioral needs.
  • Updates and support: Individual support and training at home.

To work with Bradely, you can contact him at info@bradleyphifer.com or call 317-623-5048.

Camp Bow Wow Lawrence

Camp Bow Wow is a training service that aims to create “healthy and happy dog to parent relationships using reward based methods.”

Their training aligns with the American Veterinary Medical Association as well as other animal organizations.

Their dog training can help with:

  • Establishing a stronger bond between your dog and your family
  • Channel energy into appropriate tasks and behavior
  • Create consistent communication between you and your dog
  • Problem solving
  • Improving behavior in new environments

Classes offered by Camp Bow Wow include:

  • Group Classes:
  • Level 1 Basic: Foundational support for commands
  • Level II Intermediate: Heel, go to mat, manage distractions
  • Level III Public Polishing: Greet a stranger, heel in a crowd and more.
  • In Camp & Private Training:
  • One on one time to focus on teaching specific behaviors.
  • In Home Training
  • 15 Minute Consultation

If these training options sound right for your dog, you can contact them at 317-794-3647.

Paws and Play Dog Resort

Paws and Play Dog Resort is a training center that helps with any and all behavioral problems.

For over 10 years, Brad and Shelly have provided day care, training, lodging and grooming to dogs in the Hamilton County and Indianapolis, IN area.

They offer the following programs:

  • Stay and Train
  • Group Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Play and Train
  • Workshops

They will set up a customized training plan for your dog based on the areas of concern that need attention.

“We believe that dogs should be taught using positive reinforcement and guidance. Our proven methods are a combination of carefully selected, research and practiced techniques from all over the world.”

To learn more about their services, you can call 317-776-7824.

Lee’s Dog Training

Lee’s Dog Training is owned and managed by Lee Seibold. He works with clients all across Indiana including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Carmel, Huntington, Muncie and more.

His dog training program is in the form of a 7 day bootcamp.

This is how it works:

  • You will drop off your dog for a week at Lee’s facility
  • Study 10+ hours of video lessons provided by Lee
  • Train with him for up to 3 hours when you pick up your dog

The goal of the boot camp is to help your dog with off leash control and behavioral problems.

The In-Kennel Boot Camp Training costs $1500 for the 1 week program.

Here is what his customers have to say:

“Lee is fantastic with dogs and is very knowledgeable about training. He works with you and helps you to understand his methodology in training. My dog was aggressive and did not want to listen. She has turned around and we are very pleased!”

To get in touch, you can contact him at leesdogtraining@gmail.com or call 260-238-8675.

Uptown Pup

Uptown Pup offers several options for dog training programs that fit your pet’s lifestyle, goals and needs.

“Our philosophy is built on the proven science of positive reinforcement and force-free dog training methods.”

They will help you:

  • Understand your dog’s learning behaviors
  • Teach your dog new behaviors and modify existing ones
  • Build communication between you and your dog
  • Strengthen your bond
  • Increase confidence

Their trainers are KPA-CTP certified and use positive reinforcement and fear free training techniques.

They offer the following programs:

  • Group Dog Training Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Dog Day School
  • Boarding School

If their services seem like the right fit for your dog, you can book a trainer here.

As you can see, these dog training services in Indianapolis, Indiana are a great option to get your puppy or older dog back on track to good behavior and obedience.

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