6 Dog Training Services in Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re in need of a dog trainer, here are 6 dog training services in Phoenix, Arizona.

Do you need help teaching your dog better behaviors and new tricks? We know that training on your own can be tough. So, skip the hassle and headache and hire a professional dog trainer instead. 

With their guidance and expert advice, your dog will be behaving well in no time. 

If you’re based in the Phoenix area, here are 6 dog training services for you to consider.

6 Dog Training Services in Phoenix, Arizona 

Zenergy Dog Training 

Zenergy is a dog training center that focuses on rehabilitation and wellness. 

This is their mantra: “Connecting with people and dogs is our passion. Improving their quality of life is our purpose. Transforming lives is our quest. And getting better at it everyday is our mission.”

They help your dog with the following issues such as:

  • Jumping
  • Excessive barking
  • Mouthing
  • Leash pulling
  • Human aggression
  • Separation anxiety and more. 

And, these are the services they offer:

  • Bootcamp
  • ZenAF Foundation - 5 Week Bootcamp: $5,150
  • Mindfulness Makeover - 6 Week Bootcamp: $6,100
  • Radical Transformation - 7 Week Bootcamp: $7,050
  • Private Lessons
  • ZenAF Foundation - 6 Lessons: $1350
  • Mindfulness Makeover - 8 Lessons: $1750
  • Phone Consultations: $195 per hour

Here is a testimonial from a happy customer:

“Zenergy Dog Training did an amazing job with my sweet rescue, Jax. After doing A TON of research on local dog trainers, and each of the different training philosophies, I decided to meet with K and RJ. Their place of training is top-notch; I was amazed at the cleanliness of all areas inside and out. It’s also a very peaceful environment… dare I say, Zen! After completing their board/train program, Jax is a different dog! Still has the same sweet/playful demeanor, but now has all the skills to make our time together safe and enjoyable. These two are genuine, lovely people, and wholly dedicated/passionate about helping dogs and their owners develop trust, structure, calmness and love. Jax now has a forever home and I have a well behaved, calm and loving companion. Thanks so much Zenergy!!”

To book your dog’s training session, you can visit their website here or call 602-770-0485. 

Dog Training Elite

Dog Training Elite is dedicated to empowering owners with the lifelong skills they need to help their dog have continued success. They are a family owned business with over 40 years of experience. 

They help with common dog problems such as leash and potty training, staying and coming, destructive chewing and digging, stealing food, barking and more. And, their training is based around the Classic Conditioning model, which includes developing conditioned or automatic reflexes to commands. 

For training options, you can choose between in-home training and socialized group training. Additionally, they offer obedience training, service dog training and puppy training.

Here is a review from a past client:

“Every one there, literally everyone is amazing. All of the trainers are awesome and super friendly. They show that they are genuinely interested in asking your dog for a more well rounded pet. I just finished the 6 week puppy course and my pup is doing so great. I can't say enough about how amazing this group of trainers are. Ashley stood out as super energetic and super friendly. She came to do the evaluation on my dog and demonstrated what we could hope to expect with her dog. All at my home. And she was involved in every class. Aspen was awesome also. Everyone was great. I just can't remember all of their names. But Ashley and Aspen stood out. Thank you guys so much for helping me train my pup. Can't wait to go on to the more advanced classes.”

For a free evaluation, you can visit their website here or call 480-526-4096. 

Fit Dog Training

Fit Dog Training is a personal dog trainer that services both Phoenix and Scottsdale. 

This is their mission: 

“I do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Each dog and their owner is unique. I listen to the owner to ensure we customize a training plan that meets their goals. I know if the owner does not feel comfortable with the plan, then the training results will never be accomplished. I want to help you build a relationship with your dog and have fun in the process!”

They can help your dog with problematic behaviors such as jumping up, pulling on leash, excessive barking, door bolting, running away and more. 

Here is a testimonial of their training:

“We had our border collie trained by Elisa and couldn't be more pleased! She is the envy of all our friends with dogs. Elisa is firm but fun and truly enjoys dogs and gets great results! I would and have recommended her to anyone looking for a trainer.”

To get in touch, you can call 480-226-8446 or visit their website here. 

Learning Pawsibilities 

Learning Pawsibilities is a force free dog training service. 

“We are a group of lifelong animal lovers, dog trainers and friends who worked and volunteered for many years in shelters, dog day cares and training centers. We feel that there is a need for a center that will offer a fun, safe, educational and positive environment for all your pets' needs under one woof!”

Their positive, scientifically proven method of training your dog will help with certain behaviors such as house training, jumping, separation anxiety, off the furniture, puppy biting, mouthing, chewing, digging and more. 

These are the dog training services they offer:

  • Fungility
  • Puppy Kindergarten
  • Urban Dog
  • All Dogs Unleashed
  • Private Classes
  • Dog Training Lessons
  • Board and Train
  • Behavioral Classes
  • Canine Good Citizen

Dog training classes are available in small group classes, individual lessons or board and train at their center. 

Here is a testimonial from a happy client:

“Learning pawsibilities workers not only care about your dog, they do a wonderful job of helping to correct behavior and provide you with education on how to improve your dog’s manners. Would highly recommend!”

To learn more, you can visit their website here or call 602-535-8831. 

Paws To Train Your Dog

Paws To Train Your Dog is a renowned trainer that focuses on dog obedience training and behavior modification. 

Their programs include:

  • Puppy Training
  • Crate / House Training
  • Walking on Leash
  • Coming When Called 
  • Sitting/ Laying Down
  • Listening To Commands
  • Socializing With Other Dogs
  • Behavior Modification

Here’s what a past client has to say:

“We are so appreciative of all that Troy has done for our dog, Diego! He's helped with his aggression, which in reality was fear of other dogs. The training that we have received has helped Diego immensely, as well as made life more enjoyable for our family as a whole. Troy is the best trainer we have worked with and comes highly recommended!

To learn more and book your own training session, you can email woof@pawstotrainyourdog.com or call 480-755-1115. 

AZ Dog Sports

AZ Dog Sports is a team of experienced dog trainers and dog lovers. 

“We value and live by a positive reinforcement philosophy and have a deep seated love for animals and passion for what we do.”

They offer:

  • In Home Dog Training
  • Brilliant Puppy Package
  • Small Group Classes
  • Dog Obedience
  • Sports & Agility
  • Puppy training

With their classes, they will teach you how to:

  • Solve unwanted behaviors
  • Have a better connection with your dog
  • Take your dog to the next level of obedience
  • Discover a new sport or activity with your dog

Here is a review of their services:

“If you want an excellent variety of courses and instructors to fit you and your dogs needs... this place is it! Amazing team of people and amazing facility!  I cannot speak highly enough about the quality and care that they provide. Hands down I recommend AZ Dog Sports to anyone out there who needs guidance or simply just wants to provide their dog with great enrichment and fun-filled activities. This place truly has it all and works hard at ensuring their client needs are met in every way! Thanks AZ Dog Sports for providing what you do and for everything you do to better our pups!”

To get in touch, visit their website here or email azdogsports@msn.com 

As you can see, these dog training services in Phoenix, Arizona are a great option to get your puppy or older dog back on track to good behavior and obedience. 

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