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6 Maine Coon Kitten Breeders in Florida

If you're looking to take home a new furry friend, here are six Maine Coon kitten breeders located in Florida.

Are you searching for a new feline friend to take home? Cats are a great pet for an individual or family. They are easy to take care of, affectionate and overall, they make great companions.

Since we know that finding a new pet can be a lot of time and research, we’ve compiled a list of 6 breeders of Maine Coon KIttens in Florida for you to check out and choose from.

6 Maine Coon Kitten Breeders in Florida

Florida Maine Coons / OptiCoons

Florida Maine Coons, known as OptiCoons, is a breeder located in West Central Florida.

They are a registered TICA cattery. Their name “Opticoons” comes from their “growing desire to breed and raise Happy, Healthy, Affordable and Adorable "OPTIMUM" Maine Coon Kittens.

As ethical breeders, they put the breed’s health at the forefront before they consider any mating. And, all of their adult Main Coons are tested for HCM.SMA/PK/PKdef.

Their focus is breeding authentic Maine Coons of various colors and patterns - reds, silvers, blues, tabbies, torbies and torties - all extra large.

Each of their kittens comes with their age appropriate vaccinations, a health certificate, kitten contract and a one year health guarantee.

Here is a testimonial from a happy customer who got their kitten from OptiCoons:

“I got my sweet fur baby from FL. Maine Coons and I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. They were very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. I will definitely be getting my next Maine Coon from these wonderful people.”

To see their available kittens, you can view their available or upcoming litter here.

And, for more information or to contact the cattery, view their website here.


Beachcoons is a cattery located in Williston, Florida.

Their kittens are hand raised in their house. They raise two litters at a time and their kittens are never caged.

Before they breed, they ensure that their cats are DNA negative for HCM and heart screened. And, their kittens are guaranteed DNA negative for HCM, PK Def, SMA and will not have FIV, HD or Leukemia.

To view their current litter and available kittens, view their website here.

And, to get in touch, you can send them an email at

Coon Pals

Coon Pals is a cattery dedicated to providing “healthy, socialized and pedigreed Maine Coon Cats.”

They are based in Ridge Manor, Florida and have been breeding for almost 20 years.

They breed for health and temperament. ANd, they make sure all of their kittens are well socialized and loved. They are also raised in a non-smoking environment.

According to their website - when you purchase your kitten, you can choose the Deluxe Veterinary Package which includes:

  • 1st set of FVRCP Vaccines
  • 2nd set of FVRCP Vaccines
  • Adult Rabies Vaccine
  • Adult Rabies 1 yr Vaccine
  • Negative Feline Leukemia & Feline AIDS Combo Blood Tests
  • Microchip & SmartTag Microchip Registration
  • ACFA pedigreed Association Registration Papers & YOU name Your new CoonKid!
  • Preventative Combination Dewormings: Drontal, Praziquantel, Panacur, Pyrantel
  • 3 weeks Topical Flea & Antifungal Oral Treatments
  • 2 Months & additional 3 Weeks of Lufenuron "Program" oral anti flea/ anti fungal treatments
  • Freshly bathed, nails clipped and ears cleaned!
  • CAPSTAR/NITENPYRAM oral flea treatment day leaving.
  • Neuter/Spay
  • FL Vet Health Certificate
  • Nice DELUXE gift bag full of cat items and cat toys

Here is their current list of available kittens.

To learn more, you can visit their website here or give them a call at 813-857-3335.

maine coon breeders florida


Karmacoons is a CFA certified cattery located in Osteen, Florida which is right outside of Orlando.

All of their cats are registered with the CFA and TICA. Each of their litters receives proper immunizations and go to their new approved homes with a written health certificate from their vet.

They are each tested for:

  • Feline Leukemia
  • FIV
  • RW
  • Parasites
  • DNA tested negative
  • HCM mutation gene
  • Heart scanned

And, the kittens they breed are brown classic tabbies, three colored females (brown and silvers) red tabbies, red silvers, black silvers, black smokes, blue smokes and blacks.

Here is their current list of available kittens.

To get in touch, you can send them an email at or give them a call at 407-323-2209.

Luv My Coons

Luv My Coons is a Maine Coon breeder in Deltona, Florida.

Their cats are from grand champion, champion, regional winning lines and national winning lines.

They are members of the CFA and TICA cat clubs.

“We are devoted to these wonderful Maine Coon cats and it is very valuable to us not only to promote the popularity, but the health and personality of the Maine Coons. Our Maine Coons kittens are handled from day one to insure a loving pet just for you.”

Their cats are each tested for:

  • FIV
  • FeLV
  • Parasites
  • DNA tested Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • PK deficiency

And, each kitten will have their vaccinations, be worm checked, vet-checked and parasite free before you bring them home.

To view their latest litter, view their website here.

And, if you want to get in touch, you can call them at 386-717-3345 or visit their website here.

River Cats Maine Coons

River Cats Maine Coons is a CFA and TICA registered cattery located on the banks of the St. John’s River in Northeast Florida.

Owned and operated by Susan and Calvin Kaiser, the cattery is located in Green Cove Springs.

“Our philosophy is to provide healthy and affectionate Maine Coon kittens to loving homes. Our kittens are raised by hand and underfoot from birth until we find the perfect family match.”

All of their kittens are tested for feline leukemia and will come with a State of Florida Health Certificate

Here is a testimonial from a happy customer:

“Cats and kittens are well cared for. They have had all of the necessary tests, shots and excellent care that they deserve. As a result, the kittens and cats are of excellent breeding.”

You can view their latest litter here.

If you’d like to get in touch, visit their website here, email them at or give them a call at 904-592-8273.

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