7 Best Dog Training Services in Charleston South Carolina

If you're having trouble with your pet’s behavior, here are 7 dog training services in Charleston, South Carolina you should check out.

Training your new puppy or older dog can be difficult and time consuming work. While we know it’s probably hard for you to set the rules with your furry friend, behavioral issues and problems are important to address as soon as they arise.

Whether your dog is dealing with obedience issues, separation anxiety or aggression - there are qualified and expert trainers who can help your pet get back on track.

If you’re based in the South Carolina area, here are 7 options for the best dog training services in Charleston, South Carolina.

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7 Best Dog Training Services in Charleston South Carolina

Bark Busters

Bark Busters is a home dog training service owned by James and Michelle Rodriguez. They service the Charleston area including Mt. Pleasant, Summerville and Goose Creek.

Here are some of the accolades they have:

  • Certified Behavioral Therapists and Obedience Trainers
  • AKC Certified Evaluators
  • Bark Busters National Trainers of the Year
  • Charleston's Best Trainers 2017 & 2018

As veterans of the armed forces, they have been in business for over 10 years. They aim to teach dog owners how to build a relationship with their pet.

Here is a testimonial from a past, happy client:

“We contacted Bark Busters after already having tried a training class and multiple individual training sessions with a different trainer, and were still having disruptive behavioral issues with our 1 year old puppy. Our vet recommended Bark Busters, and literally after one session we noticed huge, wonderful differences!"

These are the services they offer:

  • Dog Training at Home
  • Puppy Management and Training
  • Dog Training Classes
  • No Bite Dog Safety Program

For their dog training at home, they can help your pet with:

  • Aggression toward other people or animals
  • Curing barking, jumping, scratching, whining at the door
  • Creating an obedient dog or puppy
  • Setting boundaries
  • Reducing separation anxiety

To learn more about their class offerings, visit their website here or call 1-877-500-2275.

The Dog Wizard

The Dog Wizard is a training program with the motto:

“It’s not magic. It’s dog training done right.”

They service the Charleston area as well as Folly Beach, Kiawah Island, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, Johns Island, Goose Creek, Ladson, Isle of Palms and other surrounding areas.

Owned by John Wolf, their philosophy is: “We also believe that the success of every dog is linked to the owner’s ability to work effectively with their dog. We specialize in transferring all of our skills to each member of the family as needed, and uphold our commitment to the success of your dog through our lifetime training guarantee.”

They offer the following programs to pet parents:

  • Puppy programs
  • Teaches your puppy basic obedience, socialisation, housebreaking, tethering, problem solving and confidence building
  • Group Classes
  • Loose leash walking, how to work through distractions, moderate behavioral problems
  • Private Lessons
  • Obedience, socialization, problem solving and more.
  • Board and Training
  • “Summer camp” for dogs where they will learn the basic commands and skills.
  • Day Training
  • 7 day school lessons, on leash skills, obedience and more.

Here is a testimonial from a past customer:

“The Charleston Dog Wizard has been a lifesaver for my reactive pup. JR(John) truly understands animal behavior and the motivations behind it. He uses that knowledge to channel my dog’s energy into positive learning experiences. Our training sessions have shaped my dog into a completely different animal!"

To learn more about The Dog Wizard, you can email them at charleston@thedogwizard.com or call 843-890-0189.

K9 Control Training

K9 Control Training is a training service that operates in 4 steps:

  • Consultation to identify issues
  • Evaluate and Create a plan of action for your dog
  • Find out what motivates and works for your dog
  • Training plan into action to get you the results you need!

They operate differently from other training services. Instead of having a set type of classes, they offer a free consultation that will determine the length of time and cost for your dog to be fully trained on and off leash.

As a board and train facility, your dog stays at their facility to complete their training sessions.

Here is a testimonial from a client:

“Owen does amazing work. Jedi, at 4 months was amazingly well behaved after one week with Owen. He came back as a changed dog. Owen changed the now, 150 pound puppy to the point that he is completely safe around my kids and others and makes a great companion. I take Jedi to work daily.”

To get started, fill out their free consultation form. You can also contact them by emailing them at k9controltraining@gmail.com or call 843-901-9499.

Low Country Off Leash K9 Training

Low Country Off Leash Training is a service that helps dog owners in the areas of Charleston, Hilton Head, Hardeeville and Savannah.

Run by Russ and Laurie Crager, they offer the following services:

  • Puppy Training
  • Basic Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Basic & Advanced
  • Board and Train

All programs help your dog with on and off leash obedience with no distractions. While the trainers give you the tools to help your dog behave better, it will ultimately be up to you to continually practice with them on a weekly basis.

Here is a testimonial from a past client:

“The results we had with our young Doberman after just a few classes was nothing short of remarkable! We went from a dog who didn't listen at all, to one that can calmly go on a walk and stay right next to us despite the distractions. We can now put him in a sit and have dogs walk by and throw his toy in front of him, and he doesn't move. The trainers are wonderful to work with. They listen. They care. And most importantly - they know what they're doing! I highly recommend Off Leash K-9 training.”

If you have any questions, visit their website here or call 843-505-3317.

Z&E Canine Manners

Z&E Canine Manner is a training service for Charleston families that is Veterinarian recommended.

They offer:

  • Group classes: For obedience, manners and aggression
  • Private sessions: In Home, specific to your dog
  • Puppy Training: Selection to socialization and manners training
  • Day Training: One on One

In all of their training classes, your dogs will learn about:

  • Behavioral Issues such as jumping, buting, aggression, separation anxiety
  • Obedience: Basic manners, commands, cues
  • Crate training, biting, chasing, stealing
  • Agility training

For an in-home private session, the cost is $100 for the 1.5 hour initial consultation. A 3 session pack is $90 per session and a 5 session pack of lessons is $80 per session.

And, for a private session at their facility, the cost is $75 for the 1.5 hour initial consultation And, a 6 session package costs $60 per session.

To set up your dog’s training, visit their website here or call 843-697-6808.

Purely Positive

Purely Positive wants to give you family, “real world dog training results for your busy life.”

Operated by Susan Marett, dog behavior expert and separation anxiety specialist, she used practice and effective solutions to help you improve your dog’s behavior as quickly as possible.

They offer the following services:

  • Separation Anxiety Training
  • Private Training
  • Combating behavioral issues such as anxiety, aggression or fear
  • Family Dog Training
  • Group Classes (virtual & in person)
  • Puppy Training
  • Solving issues with potty training, chewing, jumping

Here is a testimonial:

“When I first came to Susan years ago, I thought that my dog Sophie was exhibiting ‘bad’ behavior. I was somewhat mortified to learn that it was me that needed the training, as I wasn’t giving her the leadership and guidance that she needed! Since then I have brought countless dogs – both my own and fosters – to Purely Positive. And each time, I learn even more. I have a house full of rescued dogs of all ages and backgrounds, and it is such a delight to have a balanced and healthy ‘pack’! I used to think that all I had to do was love these incredible creatures, but now I know how to be a responsible leader so each member of my family – and our visiting fosters – can thrive and be happy! I can never thank you enough for all you’ve taught me and for all you do to help so many animal lovers in our community!”

For more information, visit their website here or call 843-532-8154.

Mindful Manners

Mindful Manners dog training offers their services to dog owners in Charleston, Daniel Island, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, James Island, Johns Island, Kiawah Island and the surrounding areas.

Operated by Cindy Carter, a certified professional dog trainer, she has been working in Charleston with dogs since 2008.

She can help your dog with behavior problems such as:

  • Leash pulling
  • Jumping on guests
  • Hit and miss house training
  • Destructive chewing
  • Aggressive behavior

And, Mindful Manners offers the following services:

  • At Home Dog Training customized for your pet
  • Private Training for families who want a personal instructor at home
  • Group classes for both puppies and dogs

And, their classes are available in person or virtually.

Here is a testimonial:

“We have seen improvements in our dog Sherman’s behavior since we started training with Cindy. The people who referred us were right! She is an incredible and super-kind dog trainer.”

To get in touch, visit their website here or call 843-906-9997.

As you can see there are several great options for dog training services in Charleston, South Carolina.

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