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A Note from the CEO

Thanks for stopping by the Fursure Blog! I'm Catherine, Co-Founder & CEO of Fursure đź‘‹.

I started Fursure in honor of my beloved cat, Simba. While I was at Princeton, Simba was diagnosed with cancer and the veterinarian said treatment would cost $12,000. I didn't have the money to pay for his care, and sadly Simba passed a week later. After college when working at Facebook as a product manager, I began volunteering at shelters across the bay area. Within a few weeks, I realized that my experience with Simba was hardly unique. A fellow volunteer at a pet shelter faced an $8,000 bill to treat her dog’s torn ligament. New pet insurance couldn’t help; policies offered would not cover pre-existing conditions. Worst of all, there were little to no resources out there for pet parents.

We never want your pet’s health or wellness to come down to a financial decision, and that’s why our team is so passionate about the Fursure Card. We are working hard to make saving towards vet care fun, intuitive, and most importantly... easy.

I love hearing from our customers who are experiencing real value, one having earned $1,000 back on vet care over the last 4 months by transferring all of her everyday spend to the Fursure Card. Another one of our first customers said that redeeming points at the vet felt “magical”, and that they feel secure in these tough times having a rainy day fund set aside for their fur-baby. 

We are happy to share our stories and help you find the right solution to budget and save towards your pet expenses.


Catherine Dennig

CEO & Co-Founder 

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