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Are Pet Wellness Plans Worth It?

For many pet parents, pet wellness plans are a worthwhile investment and it's a commonly used as a preventative care strategy in combination with pet insurance. Here's everything you need to know about pet wellness plans.

If you're a pet owner, you understand how essential it is to keep your pet healthy. While there are a slew of treatments, therapies, and activities that can improve the health of your pet, one of the most basic ways to protect your pet is to purchase a wellness plan.

But you may be wondering: Are pet wellness plans worth it?

In this article, we'll take a deep dive into pet wellness plans and the various benefits they offer to pet owners.

Let's discuss pet wellness plans, their benefits and whether it's the right choice for your family.

What Is a Pet Wellness Plan?

A pet wellness plan provides pet owners with reimbursement for general pet costs. For example, if you have a pet wellness plan, the cost of a vaccine or routine check-up will likely be covered by your pet wellness plan. Pet owners typically pay pet wellness plans in monthly installments throughout the year.

While pet appointments and procedures are more routine when a pet is young, a pet wellness plan covers general costs throughout the pet's life (if the pet wellness plan costs are paid).

If you have a pet wellness plan, you will pay upfront for your pet's care.

Then, your pet wellness plan provider will reimburse you for the costs when you submit receipts or other necessary proofs of payment.

What's the Difference Between Pet Insurance and Pet Wellness Plans?

One of the most common misconceptions is that pet insurance and pet wellness plan are the same. While both of these plans are essential components in caring for a pet, they vary significantly. To help you understand the differences between pet wellness vs. pet insurance, keep the following in mind.

As discussed, pet wellness plans provide coverage for routine pet procedures and costs. Pet insurance plans are intended for unexpected diseases, injuries, and other issues. Insurance plans are in place to shield you and your family from large costs associated with severe pet health problems.

Pet insurance plans typically don't cover basic health costs, such as routine check-ups, vaccines, teeth cleaning, and other basic health activities. Instead, if your pet breaks a leg, develops cancer, or experiences any other illness or injury, a pet insurance policy will help alleviate the costs.

The amount that a pet insurance plan will cover depends on your specific policy. If you do plan on buying pet insurance, it's critical to understand your policy terms. For example, some pet insurance plans will require you to cover a pre-determined amount of the cost before they pay any money towards your pet's care.

If you love your pet, it's also a good idea to apply for a pet insurance policy. If you want to ensure you can afford life-saving medical procedures for your cat, dog, or any other animal, a pet insurance policy is the best option, since many modern veterinary procedures can cost thousands of dollars.

While pet insurance policies don't include pet wellness plans many insurance providers now offer both alongside one another. If you're searching for pet insurance with wellness plans, make sure to explore various insurance providers before you decide.

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Do You Need a Pet Wellness Plan?

Now that you understand the difference between a pet wellness plan and a pet health insurance plan, it's time to decide if it's worth investing in a wellness option.

Below, we explore a few advantages of purchasing a pet wellness plan.

Better Financial Planning

Bringing home a new pet can be stressful if you don't understand the financial implications of being a pet parent. There are many initial costs associated with keeping your pet healthy.

If you want a quick and effortless understanding of the routine costs of a new pet, investing in a pet wellness plan can help. As these plans typically cover all your routine costs, the price of the wellness plan can help you grasp your financial obligations. Instead of being surprised by the cost of a vet appointment, you’ll pay a consistent amount every month.

Spread Out the Cost of Your Pet's Care

Many pet parents realize when they first take home their new pet that costs can accumulate quickly. If you want to protect yourself from sudden, large costs, then a pet wellness plan is a suitable investment.

As you will pay for your wellness plan in monthly installments, it's an excellent way to spread the cost of your pet's care over a longer period of time.

Avoid Future Disease

One of the most convincing cases for investing in pet wellness plans is the health benefits that it will bring to your pet. As pet wellness plans require monthly payments, they encourage pet parents to utilize the plan's full benefits. It makes it easier to remember routine check-ups, animal dental care, vaccines, and other core appointments.

Not only does it make it easier to remember, but since you have already paid for the pet care via your pet wellness plan, a pet wellness plan also incentivizes you to take a proactive approach to your pet's care.

This will lead to a healthier pet and it will also help you avoid the cost of future pet care. In this sense, a pet wellness plan is an investment in the health and longevity of your pet. If you're like most pet parents, you want to cherish your pet for as long as possible – pet wellness plans allow you to protect the health of your favorite animal.

What Do Pet Wellness Plans Cover?

If you’ve asked yourself “Are pet wellness plans worth it?” and decided “yes,” you probably want to know exactly what they cover.

Again, pet wellness plans typically cover a range of expected pet costs, not surprise injuries and illnesses. The typical costs covered by a pet wellness plan include:

·    Dental Cleaning

·    Flea/Tick Care

·    Microchipping

·    Neuter/Spay

·    Routine Vaccinations

·    General Check-Ups

·    Blood Work (Routine)

While most pet wellness plans will cover similar procedures, it's essential to understand the coverage that your specific plan offers. Make sure to read any policies before you purchase a pet wellness plan – and ensure that you confirm your wellness plan covers a cost before you take your pet to the vet.

Also, it's critical to understand if your pet wellness plan has any stipulations regarding your vet choice or the cost of the covered procedures. By understanding the core components of your vet wellness plan, you can avoid disappointment – as well as any unexpected costs if your pet vet or procedure is not covered by your policy. 

Wellness Rewards With Fursure Pet Insurance

With a Fursure Pet Insurance Wellness Rewards plan, you can ensure that your pet's preventative and routine care is covered. Designed by pet parents for pet parents, our Wellness plan ensures that you can give your furry friend the care they need for essentials treatments such as dental, vaccines and more. And, if you want to protect them even more, condier pairing your Wellness plan with a Fursure Pet Insurance policy for accidents and illnesses.

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