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Best Dog Insurance: A Complete Guide For Protecting Your Pet

As an important part of your family, your pet needs the treatment and attention it deserves. There’s always the possibility of an incident or illness popping up without warning. This is the complete guide for protecting your pet.

As a pet parent to your furry best friend, we know that you want nothing but the absolute best for them. While you shower them with affection, chew toys and yummy treats, have you crossed off every way to keep your dog truly happy and healthy?

We know that you don’t even want to think about something happening to your dog. But, the truth is that accidents, illnesses and mishaps do occur. The question is:

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Is your dog covered in the event that something may happen to them?

Enter pet insurance. The foolproof way to make sure that your dog can get the attention and medical treatment they need no matter what and without breaking your budget.

Let’s jump right in to give you a complete guide to pet insurance for your dog, here’s some topics we will cover:

  • What Is Pet Insurance and What Does It Cover?
  • What Does Pet Insurance Exclude?
  • Everything You Need To Know About Pet Insurance
  • Ways To Find The Best Dog Insurance For Your Family

What Is Pet Insurance and What Does It Cover?

In simple terms, pet insurance is to pets as human medical insurance is to humans. Sounds pretty straightforward right?

The pet insurance you have for your dog is used in the event that they need a checkup, medical attention or surgery. While your dog may be healthy now, there’s no predicting what could occur in the future.

It’s best to think of pet insurance as a preventive method that gives you peace of mind. You don’t want anything to happen to your dog, but if something were to happen, you know they’d be covered and taken care of.

So, now that you know what pet insurance is, let’s talk about what it covers.

Pet insurance for dogs covers two main categories: accidents and illnesses. Let’s dig deeper to give you some examples of what these mean and the procedures that are covered.


  • Getting hit by a car, swallowing a rock, stick or sock (foreign object ingestion), breaking a bone, cruciate ligament injuries, eating something toxic, being attacked by another animal, foxtail removal and other accidents.
  • Coverage include X-rays, MRI, ultrasounds, bloodwood, sutures, medications, hospitalization and surgeries to treat the accident.


  • Cancer, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, skin conditions, hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, ear infections, digestive problems, urinary tract infections and other illnesses.
  • Coverage includes costs of major and minor illnesses, full hereditary and congenital coverage including breed specific illnesses like heart disease, hip dysplasia, eye issues and cancer.

In addition to accidents and illnesses, many dog insurance policies offer you the option to add routine and wellness checks onto your accidents and illness plan.

Routine and wellness includes:

  • Expected veterinary expenses such as annual exams, flea/tick and heart worm medication, shots/vaccinations, teeth cleaning, spay/neuter.

Fursure Pet Insurance offers accident and illnesses plans as well as wellness add-on to fully protect your furry friend and your wallet.

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What Does Pet Insurance Exclude?

So, now you know what pet insurance covers - but what about the aspects of your dog’s care that are excluded?

The only thing that all pet insurance providers do not cover is pre-existing conditions. These are issues that have happened before you purchased the coverage for your dog.

What’s the best way to get around this and find a loophole? Buy pet insurance coverage for your puppy as soon as you bring them home. That way, as they grow, any conditions that arise will be covered by your insurance policy.

At this point, you’re probably eager to learn more about what pet insurance can do for your dog - let’s dive in even further!

Here are some things you definitely should know about pet insurance.

How Does Fursure Pet Insurance Work?

First, how it works. The process is simple and works similar to your human health insurance:

  1. You’ll set up your Fursure Pet Insurance plan - get your pet covered in a matter of minutes.
  2. Bring your pet to the vet whether they need a check up, had an accident or are sick.
  3. Use your Fursure Insurance Debit Card to pay for your pet's care directly from your plan.
  4. Leave with confidence knowing your pet has been taken care of and that you could utilize our Direct Vet Pay feature to afford it without any stress!

Key Factors To Know

Next, these are some key factors to note about pet insurance:

  • Your plan will be customized to your pet. This includes their breed, age, any existing health issues or conditions they may have.
  • Chronic conditions, disease or allergies can be covered.
  • If you have more than one pet, you can obtain insurance for each. Fursure offers a multi-pet discount!

What Are My Dog Insurance Coverage Options?

We mentioned above what pet insurance does and does not cover for your dog. Here are the 4 types of typical pet insurance plans you can choose from.

Accident & Illness

  • This is the most common plan, which covers treatment and any care related to an accident or illness.
  • It does not cover wellness visits, routine care or preexisting conditions.

Accident Only

  • This plan covers emergency accidental care such as getting hit by a car, foreign object ingestion or eating something toxic.
  • It does not cover pre-existing conditions, illnesses or breed specific issues. It also does not cover wellness visits and check ups.

Accident & Illness with Wellness

  • This plan covers all types of treatment - whether that be routine wellness, accidents or injuries.
  • It does not cover pre-existing conditions.


  • This plan covers a portion of services such as annual checkups and routine vet visits, vaccinations/booster shots, and teeth cleaning.
  • It is typically an optional add-on to an accident and illness plan.

The plan you choose is ultimately up to you and what you can afford. But, as you can see - the most comprehensive insurance plan is the accident and illness plan with a wellness add on.

How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost?

Without pet insurance, vet bills can be astronomical and very expensive. For example:

  • If your pet swallows a foreign object, it could cost you $3000.
  • If they tear their ACL? $5400.
  • Become sick with cancer? $9000.

The average cost of pet insurance for dogs is $47.20 per month. And depending on your specific dog, the general range of cost is between $25-70 per month.

Now, that’s incredibly affordable in comparison to the procedure costs for most accidents and illnesses, which can be thousands if not tens of thousands.

The cost of your dog’s insurance will be determined by:

  • Dog’s Age
  • Dog’s Breed
  • Where You Live
  • The Coverage Package You Choose

Remember, all pet insurance providers, including Fursure, do not cover pre-existing conditions and the price of pet insurance gets more expensive the older your dog is - so, it’s key to get them set up with a policy as young as possible.

Protect YourPet WIth Fursure Pet Insurance

As you can see, there’s a lot of valuable information and things you should know about pet insurance and why you should get your dog covered.

We know you want to make sure that they live a long, healthy and happy life and with a quality pet insurance policy from Fursure they can have the care they need no matter what.

To get your pet protected and covered in just a few minutes, buy a pet insurance policy today!

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