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Call Vet: 5 Warning Signs That Your Pet Is Sick

It can be scary realizing your pet isn't feeling their best. If you're contemplating whether you need to call the vet, here are 5 warning signs that your pet is sick and needs veterinarian care.

There’s no denying that having a sick pet can be incredibly worrisome. In fact, when your pet isn’t feeling their best, it’s easy to assume the worst and panic.

Yet, even though we often jump to the most dire conclusions, there’s a good chance that some signs aren't necessary to worry about. In the event that you think your pet may be sick or need medical attention, it’s important to know when to call the vet and when to let your pet heal on their own.

Here are 5 ways you can tell if your pet is sick and needs veterinary care.

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Call Vet: How To Tell If Your Pet Is Sick

Their Appetite Has Decreased

In many cases, your pet is going to have an appetite that fluctuates. One day they will eat their food so quickly, it’s as if they haven’t eaten for days. While other days, they may simply show signs of not being as hungry.

While a little hunger strike is completely normal, there are more serious signs that your pet could be sick. For example, if your pet refuses to eat for an entire day, there’s something else going on that calls for medical attention.

24 hours is a good enough window of time to forecast whether your pet is actually sick or simply being a picky eater. But, if you haven’t changed their food or made any drastic adjustments to their schedule, you can assume that an entire day without eating is a sign of something more serious.

Excessive Thirst Or Increased Urination

The second sign that will indicate that your pet is sick is excessive thirst and/or increased urination.

This is actually something that happens to humans as well and more often than not, it’s the way our bodies flush out the toxins in our system.

For your pet, their increased water intake and urination will be easy to spot. They’ll be drinking way more water than normal and pant excessively to show that they are thirsty. And, they’ll be begging or crying to go outside.

Every pet is different, but you will be able to gauge what is and isn’t normal for your pet. Once these warning signs are present, it’s definitely time to consider calling the vet.

Their Stomach Is Upset

To add to the warning sign of your pet not wanting to eat, another indication of them being sick is an upset stomach. This could be in the form of vomit or diarrhea, either are actions that should make you suspect that your pet isn’t feeling their best.

This makes sense as many human ailments are diagnosed with these behaviors, so the same applies for your dog. If their stomach is upset to the point that they are making messes in the house or unable to control their bodily functions, you can definitely assume that there is a need for swift and attentive medical care.

Runny Eyes or Nose

A little less obvious to notice at first, but is another clear warning sign that your pet is sick is when they have runny eyes or a runny nose.

Now, in some cases your pet may be allergic to a specific substance or seasonal time of year - yes, pets can have allergies too! But, in the case that this reaction is new or persistent, it’s important to not shrug it off as something insignificant.

Pets react to illnesses differently than humans. Therefore, a little sniffle for you may be a bigger issue for our furry friends.

To stay on the safe side, it’s best to get a check up with the vet if your pet is experiencing these stuffy symptoms.

Changes In Behavior

The final sign that will signal something isn’t right with your pet is an obvious change in their behavior.

Think about how you feel when you’re sick. You’re most likely a bit sluggish, groggy and irritable. In fact, you may even need what feels like insane amounts of rest and find yourself bed ridden for most of the day.

When your pet is sick you can expect the same behaviors: sleeping more than usual, decreased energy, irritability and overall lack of interest.

No one knows your best friend better than you, so you’ll quickly understand when their behavior isn’t quite up to its normal level of excitement and energy.

Again, be sure to pay attention to how long these changes in behavior last. If it’s only for a few hours, your pet may just be tired - hey, we get it, aren’t we all?

But, if it persists for 24 hours, you’re better off calling a vet for advice.

As you can see, there are several warning signs that will let you know that your pet isn’t feeling 100%. And, once you’ve realized that your pet is sick, you can quickly get them the attention and care they need.

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