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Canine Respiratory Illness: What You Should Know To Protect Your Pet

What you should know and tips to keep your pet safe from the mysterious canine respiratory illness affecting dogs across the United States.

There's a mysterious canine respiratory illness that has been affecting dogs across the United States, here's everything you should know in order to protect your pet: 

Since August of 2023, hundreds of dogs across 16 states have contracted a mysterious respiratory illness. Unfortunately, some dogs have died as a result. It has affected various breeds and the symptoms are similar to Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex or kennel cough.

Everything You Should Know About the Canine Respiratory Illness

How does it spread?

It's likely to spread through close contact and breathing the same air as an infected animal.

Symptoms to look out for include: 

  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal or eye discharge
  • Red eyes
  • Lethargy and fever
  • Difficulty or rapid breathing
  • Weight loss, loss of appetite or dehydration

How can you protect your pet?

  • Avoid areas of high socialization such as dog parks.
  • If your dog goes to daycare or boarding, ask the trainers about what safety precautions they are taking to protect your pet. 
  • Make sure your dog is up to date with their vaccinations. 
  • Pay attention to signs of infection and don't hesitate to bring your pet to the veterinarian if symptoms are present.
  • Speak with your veterinarian about your pet's health including the potential exposure in your city and areas you should avoid until more information is available.
  • If you plan to travel with your pet this holiday season, consult with your vet on how to keep your dog safe. 
  • Consider purchasing pet insurance for peace of mind knowing that your pet is protected no matter what. 

While this mysterious illness is definitely concerning as a pet parent, being aware of the potential risks and speaking with your veterinarian about exposure will help you keep your furry friend safe. 

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