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Everything You Need To Know About In Home Veterinary Care

In today's digital world, you can get your pet the best care possible from the comfort of your home. Here's everything you need to know about in-home veterinary care, how it works and whether it's a good option for your pet pal.

During these uncertain times, you’re most likely staying home more than ever. And, while you’ve been working from home, you and your furry friend have been spending a great deal of time together.

When’s the last time that your pet had a checkup and visited the veterinarian? Has your pal been dealing with some ailments that you’re unable to cure by yourself? Or, could they use a cleaning or refill on their medicine?

There’s no need to worry. Your pet can now get the attention, care and treatment they need all from the comfort of your home.

But, how exactly does that work? Simple - with in-home veterinary care.

We’re going to break down everything we know about in-home veterinary care, so that you can decide if this option is right for you and your family.

A Breakdown of In-Home Veterinary Care

What Is In Home Veterinary Care?

In-home veterinary care is essentially medical services for your pet at home.

There are two types of in home veterinary care.

Mobile / House Visits

With this type of veterinary care, you can stay home and a trained technician comes to your house.

For the most part, they can do just about everything a typical veterinarian would for your pet. The one exception being that sometimes they cannot prescribe medication. But, in that case - you could easily coordinate with the technician and your local vet to have medicine called into your pharmacy.

They handle a range of services from taking care of pets with pre-existing conditions to cleaning and more.

A mobile house vet is flexible and their office is their client’s home. So, if you want true care and attention that comes from an in-person checkup, then you’ll want to consider calling a mobile in-home veterinary service.

_Remote / Online _

The second way that you can utilize in home veterinary care is through remote / online consultations. While some veterinarians never offered this type of service, the pandemic is forcing a lot of businesses to add a remote option to their business model.

Therefore, with an online visit - you’re able to meet with your local vet to discuss your pet’s health and any concerns you may be having.

This is a great way to get advice or simply have the veterinarian ensure that your pet is doing just fine.

_An important disclaimer: If our pet is experiencing a serious medical emergency or needs immediate attention, in-home veterinary care will not work. You will need to bring them to the doctor as soon as possible. _

In the event that you need to go for an in-person visit, many veterinary hospitals are taking precautions to limit contact and make you feel as comfortable as possible bringing your pet in for treatment.

In short, in-home veterinary care is great for the small concerns and checkups for your pet, but will not be the best solution if your pet is in need of serious medical attention.

Let’s discuss some of the top services in the pet industry that are revolutionizing in-home veterinary care.

Top Services That Offer In Home Veterinary Care


Instavet is a startup that focuses on offering tele-consults for its customers.

This is how it works:

  • Connect by setting up a free call with a vet to answer any questions you may have
  • Schedule your appointment online
  • Get treatment for your pet either at your home or through their partner clinics

They have top vets that offer vaccines, diagnostics and advanced care at home. Plus, by using their tele-consults you will avoid waiting room times and the stress of taking your pet to the vet.

Finally, they have a support team that you can contact 24/7 through their online chat or vet hotline.

Here are some of the perks of Instavet according to their website:

  • Free Consultation
  • Clear Pricing with an Upfront Estimate
  • Zero Carrier Stress
  • Minutes for Vet to Respond
  • Available Appointments Until Midnight
  • 24 hour Hotline Support
  • Free App
  • They submit claims to your insurance

To learn more about Instavet, visit their website here.

Fuzzy Pet Health

Fuzzy is all about saving you that trip to the vet. And, instead - allows you to get instant answers and recommendations from their team of experts and vets.

They offer live vet chat and video consults, so that you can connect with a professional and have any questions answered about your pet’s health.

These consultations cover issues such as minor wounds, gastrointestinal issues, ear or eye issues and more.

A virtual veterinary consultation costs $25 and if you’d like them to come to your home for an in-home physical exam, the price is $150.

You can also sign up for a monthly subscription, the options are:

  • Virtual Vet: $9.95 // Virtual Chat Consults and Personalized Advice
  • Essential Care: $12.95 // Flea and Tick Meds, Virtual Chat Consults and Personalized Advice
  • Fuzzy RX: $24.95 // Prescription Parasite Meds, Virtual Chat Consults and Personalized Advice

To learn more about Fuzzy, visit their website here.

My Virtual Vet

My virtual vet is an online application that allows you to have a completely virtual appointment with a professional veterinarian.

How It Works:

  1. Download the app or request an appointment online. They note that the price of the appointment will vary by the veterinarian.
  2. Select your vet and input your availability
  3. Join your appointment via the app or the link that is emailed to you

Additionally, they offer an option of in-home monthly care as a subscription service.

For $44/month, they will send two certified veterinary technicians to your home. The appointment include:

  • Recording your pet’s vitals and weight
  • Clipping your pet’s nails
  • Administering medication
  • Provide sanitary shavings

If you need a prescription refilled, you can do this through their online store.

My Virtual Vet is truly reshaping the pet care industry, to learn more visit their website here.

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Now that you know everything about in-home veterinary care and the awesome services that are revolutionizing the market, you should probably consider the most important way that you can ensure your pet’s continual health and happiness - pet insurance.

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