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How Is Fursure Different From Care Credit?

The Fursure Card versus Care Credit, what are the differences and which option is best for taking the best financial care of your pet.

As a pet parent, you understand the importance of keeping your pet protected and healthy. When it comes to medical treatment, veterinary care is one of the most expensive aspects of being a pet owner. Whether you own a dog or cat, the cost of healthcare for your best friend can quickly rack up over time. 

In order to be prepared for any and all expenses that may occur, it’s crucial for pet owners to have the proper knowledge and insight on how to make the most sound financial decisions for their pet. 

So, what can you do to prepare your finances?

The answer – set yourself up with a financial solution that will help you save money on veterinary care. 

Let’s compare and contrast two financial options for pet owners, the Fursure Card and Care Credit. 

Fursure Card vs. Care Credit

The Fursure Card

Fursure is a financial technology company that aims to help pet parents make the best decisions when it comes to their pets’ health and well-being. With our Fursure Card, a rewards debit card, you’ll earn points on every purchase that can be redeemed for any and all veterinary care.

Since the Fursure Card is a debit card, there is no need for credit checks, interest rates or monthly payments. You’ll deposit based on your spending habits and get rewarded with each purchase you make. 

So, how does it work?

It’s incredibly simple. Once you apply, are approved and download our Fursure app, you’ll be able to start earning points on every purchase you make with your Fursure Card. You’ll earn 1x points on all spend and supercharged, 5x points on all pet related purchases. 

You’ll start racking up the points which can then be redeemed for any and all veterinary care. 

Veterinary care includes, but is not limited to, annual checkups, teeth cleaning, vaccinations, microchipping, spay/neuter, emergency services and more. 

You’ll go to the vet and once the transaction has been posted to your account, you can redeem your points to cover a portion or potentially all of your veterinary expenses. You’ll see this redemption as an account credit. 

In addition to earning points for each purchase you make, Fursure cardholders will have access to exclusive deals from popular pet brands and be able to earn extra points from Fursure Fridays, our flash deals announced weekly that give you even more points when you shop at brands such as Amazon, Target, Walmart and more. 

Here are just a few of the notable benefits of the Fursure Card:

  • No credit check or interest - we’re a debit card!
  • Earn points on all of your spend with a focus on rewarding more for pet related purchases: 1x on everything & 5x on pet spend 
  • The points you accumulate can be redeemed toward the most expensive aspect of being a pet owner, veterinary care
  • Exclusive deals with popular pet brands
  • Weekly flash deals that allow you to earn even more points 
  • Fraud protection & built in safety features 

To apply for your free Fursure Card, click here.  

Care Credit

Now that you know what the Fursure Card is all about, let’s discuss another option for pet owners - Care Credit. 

The main difference between the Fursure Card and Care Credit is the fact that Care Credit is a credit card. This means that with their card, you’ll need to have a good credit score to be approved. And, once you have the card, you’ll have to consider the potential of interest, fees and penalties for late payments. 

You can use Care Credit for both small and large veterinary procedures such as annual check-ups, teeth cleaning, medicine and more. 

Care Credit is most helpful if you do not have the cash on hand to pay for your pet’s medical bills. If you can pay your bills in the short term, you can avoid any extra interest charges. But, you can expect to pay interest with their longer term payment plans.

While Care Credit can be helpful for pet owners who can’t afford to pay for veterinary treatment at the time of care, it needs to be used with caution and responsibility in order to avoid late fees and charges that could negatively impact your credit score. 

What Are The Differences?

The main difference between Fursure and Care Credit is simply a matter of debit vs. credit. 

With Care Credit, you’ll essentially be taking out a loan to pay for your pet’s medical expenses which you will need to repay over a certain period of time to avoid additional interest. You’ll also need to have a good credit score to apply and be approved. 

The Fursure Card is a debit card that rewards you for making sound financial decisions and taking care of your pet’s health. With Fursure, our debit card only allows you to spend what you have, which eliminates the risk of debt or incurring interest rates that add more to your bills. Plus, there is no effect on your credit score or credit check needed in order to apply. 

The Best Option For You and Your Pet 

If you’re looking for a way to earn supercharged points on purchases you already make every day for yourself and your pet, the Fursure Card is your best option. 

It allows you to earn points and save money on veterinary care without the need to open another credit line. And, it sets you up to make financially secure decisions that prioritize your pet’s health and wellness, all while being rewarded for the great care you already give your best friend. 

If you’re interested in the Fursure Card, you can sign up for free and learn more about it here.

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