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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Purchasing a pet insurance policy is the best way to protect your pet, here is how much pet insurance costs and what it covers.

The cost of pet insurance for your dog or cat is dependent on several different factors including where you live, your pet’s breed and their age. Additionally, the amount for your monthly pet insurance deductible will be determined by how much coverage you want as well as the reimbursement percentage you select. 

When it comes to insuring your pet, it's recommend that pet owners purchase insurance as soon as they bring their dog or cat home. This helps keep the insurance premium cost low, but also because as your dog ages they could potentially develop pre-existing conditions that no longer make them eligible for insurance coverage. Currently, no pet insurance companies offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. 

In this article, we'll talk about the cost of pet insurance, what you can expect to pay as a pet owner and how our Fursure Pet Insurance plans work.

Let's dig in!

What Is The Average Cost Of Pet Insurance?

It can be difficult to give pet owners a specific number when answering the question: 

How much does pet insurance cost? 

According to Value Penguin, these are the current facts and figures regarding the average cost of pet insurance in 2023:

“The average monthly cost of pet insurance is $49 for dogs and $29 for cats. These are for plans that cover both accidents and illnesses. The range of average pet insurance for dogs is $23 to $90 and $9 to $37 for cats.

This would mean that the average annual cost for pet insurance for a dog is around $588 for dogs and $348 for cats. 

Generally, pet insurance is affordable in comparison to the costs associated with emergency medical care for your pet.

Considering that pet insurance is the best way to make sure you can always afford to take care of your pet, the cost of your monthly deductible is considered pretty low in the grand scheme of things. Veterinary care, especially treatments that are needed because of an accident or illness, can easily cost pet owners thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

The cost of your pet insurance plan depends on the coverage you receive. Pet insurance companies will offer different types of plans for you to choose from and depending on which you select will determine how much coverage you have and the cost.  

There are 4 types of typical pet insurance plans, here is a quick breakdown of each:

Accident & Illness

  • This plan covers treatment and any care related to an accident or illness.
  • It does not cover wellness visits, routine care or preexisting conditions.

Accident Only

  • This plan will cover emergency accidental care such as getting hit by a car, foreign object ingestion or eating something toxic.
  • It does not cover pre-existing conditions, illnesses or breed specific issues. It also does not cover wellness visits and check ups.

Accident Illness with Wellness

  • This plan covers all types of treatment - whether that be routine wellness, accidents or injuries.
  • It does not cover pre-existing conditions.


  • This plan can cover services such as annual checkups and routine vet visits, vaccinations/booster shots, and teeth cleaning.
  • It is typically an add-on to an accident-illness plan
  • Fursure offers a wellness-add on to any of our insurance plans, learn more about our Wellness plan here.

The coverage plan you choose will ultimately be up to your discretion. It truly depends on your pet and what you can afford. As you can see, the most obvious comprehensive insurance coverage plan would be the accident-illness plan that also covers wellness check ups and procedures.

how much does pet insurance cost

What Factors Affect The Price Of Your Pet Insurance? 

While the pet insurance plan you choose will affect how much you end up paying each month, there are other factors to consider. And, it’s important to remember that no pet insurance company currently covers pre-existing conditions.

Here are the 4 factors that affect the price of your pet insurance:

  1. Your Location: The cost of veterinary care varies from state to state. Therefore, the price you would pay in Florida differs from what you would pay in New York City. 
  2. Your Pet’s Breed: While cats are usually less expensive to insure than dogs, the breed of your pet also contributes to how much your insurance plan will cost. If your pet’s breed is predisposed to certain medical conditions or illnesses, their insurance plan will be more expensive. 
  3. Your Pet’s Age: The younger your pet is at the time of purchasing your plan, the more affordable it will be. This is because as pets age, the number of medical issues they may have rises which means higher vet costs and a more expensive insurance premium. 
  4. Deductible and Reimbursement Level: Your reimbursement percentage affects the rate you will pay each month. A higher deductible will lower the cost of your plan, but will increase your out-of-pocket costs at the veterinarian. A lower deductible will increase your plan’s price, but you will pay less upfront and be reimbursed more on your claims. 

How Does Pet Insurance Save You Money At The Veterinarian?

In order to save money at the veterinarian, you will first purchase your pet insurance plan which will include all the details about your policy. Your policy will outline everything you need to know about how your pet insurance provider handles reimbursements. It's important to read over this prior to purchasing to make sure you are selecting the right plan for your pet’s situation. 

While most pet insurance companies require you to pay upfront for your pet's care and then submit a claim to your insurance company, Fursure Pet Insurance is different.

Our Fursure Pet Insurance plans offer Direct Pay at any veterinarian in the United States. Simply bring your pet in for care and pay for their treatment using the Fursure Card, which will pay the vet directly from your insurance policy.

With Fursure Pet Insurance, you don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars for your pet's medical care. Get your free quote to protect your furry friend.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

So, is pet insurance worth it? Pet insurance is definitely worth it for the majority of pet owners. 

Unless you have thousands of dollars readily available to pay for unexpected veterinarian care, pet insurance is the right choice in order to make sure your pet is protected and you can always afford to take care of them. With the right policy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can give your pet the best treatment possible if anything were to ever happen. 

To get your pet protected and covered in just a few minutes, get your personalized Fursure Pet Insurance quote today!

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