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How To Plan For Pet Emergencies: Pet Insurance & Pet Savings Account

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences for any pet lover. And, even though it’s great to be a pet parent, taking care of your dog or cat can also be an incredibly expensive endeavor.

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences for any pet lover. And, even though it’s great to be a pet parent, taking care of your dog or cat can also be an incredibly expensive endeavor.

Whether it’s a routine checkup, medicine, a wellness visit or a veterinary bill due to an accident or illness - the cost of taking care of your best friend can quickly add up.

If you’re a pet owner who needs guidance on how to prepare for this financial responsibility, we’re here to help.

Either with a quality pet insurance plan, a pet savings account or the combination of both - there are several ways for you to protect your pet without breaking the bank.

Here are the best ways for you to plan for pet related emergencies and keep your dog or cat happy and healthy.

Pet Emergencies: Pet Insurance & Pet Savings Account

Most pet owners are unaware of the costs associated with raising a pet. While it’s obvious that you’ll need to purchase the basic essentials for your dog or cat such as food or toys, there are several other medical factors you need to consider.

Routine care, dental visits and wellness checkups are just a few treatments you should anticipate. Yet, what most parents need to worry about is the unexpected. If your pet has an accident or falls ill, the cost of care can be astronomical if you’re not prepared.

To plan ahead and make sure that you can afford to take care of your pet in their time of need you should consider purchasing a pet insurance plan, opening a pet savings account or the combination of both.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is the health care solution for your best friend. And, just like human health insurance, pet insurance will cover your dog or cat in the event of an accident, illness or in some cases, necessary wellness checkups.

This is how pet insurance works:

  • You’ll find and purchase an insurance plan
  • Bring your dog or cat to the veterinarian for treatment
  • Pay for your pet’s treatment at the time of their visit
  • Submit your claim to the insurance provider
  • Get reimbursed for covered treatments

When searching for a pet insurance plan, you’ll want to choose one that gives you the best and most comprehensive coverage at a price that you can afford.

Pet insurance plans cover two main categories: accidents and illnesses. You can choose from one of the 4 typical plans:

  • Accident & Illness
  • Accident Only
  • Accident Illness with Wellness
  • Wellness

And, there are a few key factors that any pet parent should know about pet insurance:

  • Your plan will be customized to your pet including their breed, age or any existing health conditions they may have.
  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Therefore, it’s recommended that you purchase pet insurance as soon as possible for your pet.
  • Chronic conditions such as disease or allergies can be covered.
  • Have multiple pets? You can get them both covered and some providers will offer a multi-pet discount.

Finding the right pet insurance plan can take hours of research. And, while there are several providers to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is best suited for your pet. That’s where our team at Fursure can help!

We are pet insurance advisors who can help you find the best plan for your dog or cat in a matter of minutes. We’re completely free for pet parents to use. You’ll simply provide us with the information we need about your pet, where you live and your budget and we’ll create a customized list of options for you to choose from. Select the best plan for you and your family and your pet will be covered.

Pet insurance is incredibly beneficial to pet owners as it allows you to pay an affordable monthly premium and get reimbursed for the majority, if not all, of your pet’s medical expenses. It is protection against the unexpected and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your best friend is protected no matter what.

To get your pet protected and covered in just a few minutes, buy a pet insurance policy today!

What is a Pet Savings Account?

In addition to protecting your pet with insurance, you should also consider opening up a savings account to track pet related expenses.

pet savings account can have many benefits such as:

  • A place to save money that is for pet use only
  • Track expenses and budget for any pet related expenses
  • Get rewarded for saving for your pet including interest and other special offers
  • Use the account to save money that can be used for your monthly pet insurance premium

Your pet deserves for you to be sure about your finances and with a pet savings account you can make sure to save money for whatever your furry friend may need.

Pet Insurance & Pet Savings Account: The Best Protection for Your Pet

Now that we've discussed the details of pet insurance and a pet savings account, let’s talk about the benefits of having both pet insurance and a pet savings account for your dog or cat.

When paired together, pet insurance and a pet savings account is the best way to ensure that you have the funds your pet may need and that they are protected no matter what may happen in the future.

Benefits of pet insurance include:

  • A way to offset the cost of expensive veterinary bills
  • Guarantee that your pet can have access to medical care when they need it
  • Safety net for expenses that you may not anticipate
  • Peace of mind knowing you don’t have to choose between taking care of your pet and the ability to afford treatments

And, the benefits of having a pet savings account and debit card include:

  • The best way to keep track of how much you spend on your pet
  • A place specifically for saving up for pet related expenses
  • Basic and easy account with no hidden fees to help you manage your money
  • A way to put aside the funds you need to use on your monthly pet insurance premium

While there are additional benefits to having a pet insurance plan and pet savings account, these are just a few to consider. The health of your dog or cat is extremely important and making sure that you can afford to take care of them is an essential part of being a pet parent.

Fursure has created The Fursure Card, a dedicated pet savings account and rewards debit card for pet owners who want to save up and put money aside for whatever their pet may need.

Our mission is to help pet parents be financially responsible in all areas of their pet’s health. By purchasing a pet insurance plan and opening a pet savings account, you can ensure that you always have the monetary means to take care of your dog or cat.

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