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How To Use A Pet Savings Account To Budget For Pet Expenses

As a pet parent, it’s important to keep track of your pet’s expenses and budget for future costs by using a pet savings account.

As a pet parent, your pet’s happiness and wellbeing is a top priority. In order to keep them healthy and well cared for, you most likely spend a decent amount of money each month on their food, toys and trips to the veterinarian. Yet, how do you plan and budget for these expenses?

Whether you utilize pet insurance for medical needs or a credit card for everything else, it’s important that you find a way to track these costs and always budget for the future. In order to make sure that you’re always prepared, a pet savings account and debit card will help you streamline your furry friend’s finances.


Just like your own bills and expenses, the cost of necessary care and treatment for your dog or cat can quickly add up. In addition to their food, treats and toys, you’ll need to consider the price of medical care such as wellness visits, vaccinations, annual exams, dental cleanings and the possibility of them needing treatment for an accident or illness.

While we recommend protecting your pet with a pet insurance plan as soon as you bring them home from the breeder or shelter, we recognize that pet insurance isn’t the only way you should financially prepare your pet.

Pet insurance is a great way to cover medical expenses. Yet, there are still costs that you may incur such as your monthly premium for the plan and any treatments that are not covered by your provider. That’s why you need a pet savings account to ensure you can always cover any additional costs for treatment.

What is a Pet Savings Account?

pet savings account

What is a Pet Savings Account? |Photo by Raul Varzar on Unsplash

A pet savings account is simply a place for you to put aside funds that are strictly to be used for your pet’s expenses. With a pet savings account you can save up for any pet costs and create an emergency fund in case you should ever need it - your best friend and wallet will thank you.

How To Use A Pet Savings Account To Track Expenses

pet savings account

Pet Savings Account To Track Expenses | Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

A pet savings account can be used for any expenses related to taking care of your furry friend. While some individuals choose to use it as an emergency fund, others will use this account to pay for any and all pet related purchases.

Here are some examples of things you may need to purchase for your dog or cat:

  • Your pet insurance premium or deductibles
  • Pet food, treats and toys
  • Veterinary visits such as wellness trips or dental
  • Daycare, boarding or grooming
  • Training programs

Your pet savings account will work just like your own savings account. You can track your purchases, create a budget and even earn interest on the money you put aside for your pet.

At Fursure, we’ve designed a rewards debit card and pet savings account for pet parents like you, The Fursure Card. It’s completely free to apply for an account!

Taking care of your pet has never been easier.

Tips For Saving Money For Your Pet’s Expenses

pet savings account

Save Money With A Pet Savings Account | Photo by Victor Grabarczyk on Unsplash

We know that saving money is easier said than done. In fact, it can be difficult to determine how much money you should set aside for your pet’s potential medical expenses and overall well being. Every pet is different and some are more prone to needing more veterinarian attention over their lifetime.

To help you get an idea of what you may spend in the future, here are some tips for saving up for your pet’s expenses.

Tip #1: Consider Pet Insurance

The best way to save money and save yourself from the headache of expensive and unexpected veterinary bills is to protect your dog or cat with a pet insurance plan. While this may not be the right choice for every pet parent, overall having pet insurance is truly beneficial.

Pet insurance is very similar to your human health insurance, here’s how it works:

  1. First, you’ll find the best plan for you and your budget. Fursure is a team of pet insurance advisors, so we can help you with this entire process for free. Sign up here to get your customized quotes today and buy a plan to protect your pet!
  2. Once you’ve purchased your plan, you can bring your pet to the veterinarian for any treatment they may need.
  3. At the time of the visit, you’ll pay for the treatments or medication.
  4. Lastly, you’ll file a claim with your provider and get reimbursed for what is covered under your plan.

Having pet insurance guarantees that you’ll be able to cover some of the costs for your pet’s potential medical care. And, if you have a pet savings account in place - you can put aside money each month to pay your premiums and deductibles, instead of being surprised by the bill each month.

Tip #2: Determine How Much You Spend On Your Pet & Create a Budget

The best way to save up for your pet’s expenses is to determine how much you’re already spending on their care and wellness.

Look at your current bills and total up the cost for items such as:

  • Food, treats & toys
  • Daycare, boarding and grooming
  • Medication
  • Veterinarian visits
  • Training / obedience school
  • Pet insurance deductible

Once you’ve determined how much you’ve been spending on your pet per month, take this number and multiply it by 12 to see the yearly cost of taking care of your pet.

Let’s say your annual spend on your pet is $1000. Even though you have pet insurance for emergencies and you know you’ll be covered - it’s best practice to have a solid financial plan and budget.

If you spend $1000 on your pet, increase the budget a bit and add a few hundred dollars. This extra cushion allows you to factor in the most unexpected costs that you may never see coming.

Tip #3: Start Placing Money Into Your Pet Savings Account

The final tip for budgeting and anticipating pet related expenses is to create a plan to start placing money into your pet’s saving account.

If you have the funds readily available and feel confident that you can put them aside now, simply transfer them into your pet savings account.

Yet, if you’d rather contribute monthly - the best practice is to determine the amount that you will transfer each month for pet related expenses. You can choose to do this manually or automatically, whichever works best for your personal financial situation.

Fursure Card Makes It Easy To SAveFor Your Pet

As you can see, having a rewards debit card & pet savings account is the best way to save up for your pet and anticipate any pet related expenses for the future.

The Fursure Card is a guaranteed win for you, your pet and your wallet.

Apply for your free account today and save monthly, so that you always have the money you need to take care of your best friend.

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