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How Much Does A Rabies Vaccine Cost For Dogs?

How much does a rabies vaccine cost for dogs? We'll breakdown the expenses by region and how you can save money on your dog's veterinary care.

To protect your dog, you need to make sure they are vaccinated against rabies. If you’re a first time pet owner, you’re probably wondering: how much does a rabies vaccine cost for dogs?

Like many vaccines and pet treatments, the cost will vary depending on where you live and your veterinarian.

Rabies is a fatal, viral disease that can spread to dogs, cats and humans. There is no treatment for this disease, therefore, the vaccine is necessary to protect your dog and keep them from becoming infected. Due to its severity, rabies vaccination is required in almost every state. 

Dogs will usually receive their vaccine at around 12 weeks old. Then, they will receive a booster one year later and continue to receive boosters throughout their lifetime, usually around every 1 to 3 years. 

How Much Does the Rabies Vaccine Cost?

According to the American Kennel Club, the typical cost of a rabies vaccine is usually around $15-$20 for their first shot. And, for their three-year rabies shot, you can expect anywhere from $35-$80.

If you have a dog from a shelter or rescue, they are most likely vaccinated, so you should check to see if they have already received the rabies vaccine. 

To break it down even further, here is the typical average cost of the rabies vaccine per region in the United States:

  • Southern USA: West Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Georgia: $15-$20
  • Western USA: Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, California, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii: $18-$25
  • Midwest & Northeastern USA: Ohio, Kansas, South Dakota, New York, Maryland and others: $15-$25
rabies vaccine cost for dogs

How To Pay For Your Dog’s Rabies Vaccine

As a pet owner, you know that vaccines, preventative treatment and wellness checkups are necessary to keep your dog healthy and happy. 

While pet medicine and care is one of the most expensive aspects of being a pet owner, you should never have to decide between your pet’s health and your ability to afford it. 

So, what if there was a way to cover the entire cost of your dog’s rabies vaccination? 

Now, there is. 

With Fursure Insurance and our Wellness add-on, you can get your pet's routine and preventative procedures covered. Vaccinations are important and our insurance plan is designed to ensure that you never have to worry about giving your pet care and your ability to afford it. You can learn all about our Fursure Insurance offerings, here.

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