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The Pet Spa: 5 Products To Keep Your Pet Clean At Home

Keep your pet clean and healthy with these 5 recommended pet spa products that you can use at home!

We all know that keeping our pets clean can be quite a challenge. Although, we don’t mind them playing outside and getting dirty from time to time, it can become frustrating when your pet’s adventures cause a constant mess for you and your home.

Taking them to the groomer every week isn’t really an option. That can become expensive and most pets aren’t a huge fan of being scrubbed down by a stranger. Such visits can often cause unnecessary stress and anxiety for your dog or cat.

Yet, if you’re looking to keep your pet looking their best, you can go the traditional route of cleaning them yourselves. In fact, you could call this a little at home pet spa.

From bathing products to wipes, sprays and more, there are many options available to promote good pet hygiene.

Let’s take a look at 5 products we recommend that you can use at home to keep your pet feeling clean, smelling fresh and feeling happy.

5 Products To Keep Your Pet Clean & Happy

Paws & Pals Cleaning & Grooming Dog & Cat Wipes

For a quick and easy way to clean your pet without having to go through the hassle of giving them a bath, try these cleaning and grooming wipes made for both cats and dogs.

They are hypoallergenic and are designed to keep your pet’s coat clean and odor free. Made of sustainable bamboo fiber they don’t contain parabens and fragrances, so they won’t harm your pet’s skin.

Perfect for breeds of all sizes, these will allow you to keep your pet clean without having to go through the trouble of giving them a full bath. Use them every day to keep your furry friend smelling fresh.

You can order them on Amazon - 120 for $9.99

Petsmile Professional Natural London Toothpaste

Your pet’s coat isn’t the only thing that can get dirty from time to time. You also need to worry about their dental hygiene.

While us humans brush our teeth daily, our pets usually have more sporadic dental cleanings. So, if you want to help keep their teeth healthy and shiny all the time, try this toothpaste by PetSmile.

It helps to fight off cavities, receding gums and gingivitis. And, with good oral health practices you can help your pet by preventing heart, liver or kidney problems.

The formula for this toothpaste includes Calprox to fight bacteria and plaque. It’s free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, BPA and Silica. It’s made to leave your pet's teeth white and gum healthy.

They have various flavors such as beef to entice your pet’s interest. It is a product that is accepted by veterinarians and the Oral Health Council.

Made for both dogs and cats, you can purchase it on Chewy here for $15.

Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner For Dogs and Cats

Another area that needs cleaning for your pet is their ears. With the ears, preventative cleaning can help deter infections and irritation that often occurs in pets who spend time outside.

This cleaner is formulated with “anti-adhesive glycotechnology to prevent microbial attachment.” It has anti-odor technology which eliminates canal odor and is recommended for pets who need routine cleaning.

The ingredients contain 0.2% salicylic acid in a cleaning solution and it has a mild citrus aroma.

It’s used to remove debris, wax and dry up the ear canal, so that other irritations cannot form.

Also, this is a product that is recommended for pets who have “chronic otitis externa” which is known as an inflammation of a pet’s ear canal.

You can find it on Chewy, here for $12.34

Miracle Care Sterile Eye Wash Pads for Dogs & Cats

In addition to your pet’s fur, ears and mouth - their eyes also need a regular cleaning.

These pads are meant to sterilize and protect your pet’s eyes. It’s been around since 1961 and is used by groomers, breeders and vets. The pads are pre soaked which allow you to easily clean your pet’s eyes without a fuss.

You can use these pads to remove debris and dirt from your pet’s eyes, without the fear of causing any irritation or discomfort. They clean up dirt, bacteria and grime that often leads to pain and potential infection.

The formula is soothing and no-stinging, so you’re pet won’t be too bothered when you’re using these to keep their eyes clean and feeling good.

They can be used on both cats and dogs. Buy them on Chewy, here, for $10.49

Furminator Nail Grinder

To keep your pet’s paws clean and trimmed, you’ll need to provide some upkeep with their nails.

Like humans, your pet can get dirt, debris and bacteria under their nails. And, if not cleaned often, this can easily lead to a larger problem such as irritation or infection.

According to Chewy, “Nail care is one of the most important and somewhat misunderstood areas of pet care for most pet owners. And, ignoring nail care can be harmful.”

This grinder is safe and easy to use for pet parents who are worried about taking care of their pet’s nails. It does not cause any discomfort for your pet and is an easy and effective way to groom.

The tool is designed to be safe and painless. And, using it will help your dog avoid problems such as sore paws, legs and hips as well as a buildup of debris and bacteria.

It can be used on both dogs and cats. You can find it on Chewy, here, for $20.59

M. BARCLAY Lather + Bathe Natural & Organic Conditioning Dog & Cat Shampoo

Even though you try to avoid it, there comes a time where you’ll need to give your dog a bath. While they may be a bit hesitant, hopefully this shampoo by M. Barclay will calm them down.

Designed to nourish your pet’s skin and coat, this shampoo is natural and organic.

It has a scent of herbal and green citron combined with jojoba and safflower seed oils. Plus, it has baobab protein for soft, shiny and strong fur.

The baobab mixed with licorice root and green tea make this a shampoo that is anti-inflammatory. It also has antioxidant properties to promote better health of your pet’s skin and relief from any sun damage.

And, it contains citronella and tea tree which is used to get rid of mites and bugs that may be living on your pet’s fur.

Other notable factors include - ph balanced formula, lavender scent, helps heal dry skin, aloe vera infused for healing and a hydrating formula made from plants.

In all, this product is a shampoo truly made with your pet’s best skin health in mind.

Test it out for your dog or cat - you can find it here on Chewy for $22

It's Easy To Keep Your Pet Clean & Happy

As you can see, these are some high quality products designed to keep your pet clean, healthy and smelling great. And, these solutions are guaranteed to make it easier for pet parents like yourself to keep your dog’s fur, ears, eyes and mouth in good health.

Since you’re determined to keep your pet clean, have you considered ways to keep them physically healthy too?

With pet insurance, you can protect your pet from any unexpected accidents or illnesses that may occur. While you do your best to keep your pet safe and happy, there’s no predicting the future. That’s why having a quality pet insurance policy is so important.

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