Never worry about affording vet care again.

Accident & illness protection that pays your vet directly
Wellness add-on to cover costs of routine care
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When things go wrong, get support from a team you can really trust.


Focus on your pet's wellness, not the bill.

Most pet insurance companies require you to pay upfront for treatment, which means in an emergency, you have to front the bill for thousands of dollars.

Today, 63% of pet parents say inflation has made it difficult to pay for surprise vet bills.

Fursure Insurance pays your vet directly, so your wallet won’t stand in the way of providing your pet with quality health care.

"Fursure's direct pay is nothing like what I've seen on the market for pet insurance."

what does fursure cover?

We offer direct pay coverage for these procedures... and more!

Exams & Visit Fees

Coverage for emergency visit fees and clinic exam fees for accident & illness related visits


Coverage for blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, MRIs, labwork, CT scans, and ultrasounds


Coverage for outpatient procedures, emergency care, hospitalization, and surgery

Cancer Treatment

Coverage for expensive treatments for new cancer diagnoses, like radiation and chemo


Coverage for injections, prescribed IV treatments, prescription meds, and more

Dental Care

Including cleaning, extractions, labwork, and corresponding IV treatments


Swallowed socks, torn ACLs, snake bites, lacerations in paws, and more

Routine & Preventative

Add Fursure Wellness Rewards to cover vaccines, wellness exams, and routine care

Not Covered

Pre-existing conditions will not be covered by Fursure Pet Insurance

how direct pay works
Fursure's Vet Pay lets you keep your cash on hand.
Head to any vet you'd like, Fursure Insurance works at any licensed U.S. vet. No networks or restrictions.
Get a cost estimate from your vet and submit in-app ahead of time or at the vet to be authorized for direct pay.
At checkout, pay with your Fursure Card to pay your vet bill directly from your policy (not your wallet).
While we cover most procedures, we may not cover *everything*. Finish your visit and head home.

Don't just take our word for it.

My mom just got me the best insurance! Thanks so much to Fursure for making it SO EASY to find the best option for me, based on my mom's budget and what she cared about covering for me. Now I have insurance to pay 90% of my vet bills and my mom doesn't need to worry so much about getting into mischief.

Hilo the Mini Aussie
Arianna W

The team at Fursure has been so helpful with my old dog Goose and now my young puppy Scout. They have a highly personalized style of working with clients and I know they truly care about my dog!

Woman speaking into mic at computer
Caroline G.

Sign me up! This plan will allow me to take my pets in sooner for care than I would have been able to without it, so this is fantastic.

Gordon T.
dog dad

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