Compare Pet Insurance for Sphynx Cats

Published on
December 11, 2023
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Learn About the Best Sphynx Cat Pet Insurance Plans

The rare Sphynx cat breed has only patches of fur on the body (tail, ears, feet, and face), making many people assume that the felines are hairless. The origins of this cat breed date back to a time when a cat in Canada bore a hairless kitten. The condition was attributed to a genetic mutation in the mother cat. The cat was crossbred with the Devon Rex.

The felines often look serious but are loyal and playful in nature. These people-oriented cats dislike isolation and love attention. They become mischievous if they do not get the attention they seek. The pets are also perfect family companions because they are entertaining and love jumping and playing games.

Sphynx cats are social and learn tricks due to their intelligent personality. The energetic and silly cats get along well with other pets, such as dogs, and children. Despite having an extroverted personality, Sphynx cats tend to stay indoors to avoid extreme cold or heat.

Keep your pet happy and healthy with a Sphynx pet insurance plan.

Just like any other cat breed, providing your Sphynx cat with access to the very best medical care is essential to ensuring a healthy, happy life.

However, depending on the medical condition your Sphynx cat might be diagnosed with, attentive medical care can quickly become too costly for most, especially if you include routine care and medication. That’s why it is crucial to get your Sphynx cat insurance.

With pet insurance, you can get reimbursed for the money you spend on visits to the vet, depending on the coverage you choose to get.

We should note that, should your Sphynx cat be diagnosed with a medical condition before the start date of your policy, the company will not offer cover for that condition. That’s why it’s best to get your insurance as early as possible and ensure your special companion receives adequate coverage.

Common Health Issues for Your Sphynx Cat

Though Sphynx cats make excellent pets, they experience several issues, making pet insurance even more of a necessity. The following are some of the common health issues your Sphynx cat could experience.

Diabetes mellitus

Sphynx cats are prone to various life-threatening conditions such as diabetes mellitus. Poor weight management and a sedentary lifestyle increase your pet’s risk for diabetes.

Patellar Luxation

This condition happens when the joining of the thigh, knee, and calf (the Patellar) is misaligned, causing additional strain on your pet’s bones and, in extreme cases, lameness. Though this condition can be detected during birth, in some cases, the symptoms might not appear until your cat is older.

Other Sphynx Health Problems

·     Obesity

·     Eye problems

·     Bacterial infections

·     Viral infections

·     Allergies

·     Parasites

Why Is Sphynx Cat Pet Insurance Important?

Though your Sphynx cat might be healthy today, there is no way to guarantee that they will remain that way as they grow older. On top of that, medical care, exams, and procedures can rack up quite a hefty bill, mainly when emergencies occur.

Should your Sphynx cat’s medical needs change, you could be left struggling to figure out how to afford the medical care their condition calls for.

Fortunately, cat owners now have a more affordable way to do precisely that, thanks to pet insurance. Here are some of the reasons why getting your Sphynx cat pet insurance is essential:

  • Pet insurance helps you offset the cost of significant medical bills
  • If you purchase the insurance early on, before your Sphynx cat develops any long-term conditions, your pet will have coverage for their entire life
  • Pet insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you can provide your pet with the best medical care, taking them to the vet as often as they need

Pet insurance is not only essential. It also offers you a few beneficial perks. The plans are affordable and customizable, depending on your needs and budget.

Comparing Sphynx Cat Insurance Quotes

Not every insurance plan will be suitable for your pet’s needs, which is why choosing the best insurance for Sphynx cats is critical. You don’t want to find that your pet isn’t covered when they need it most.

Though finding the most suitable option was often challenging in the past, thanks to Fursure, you can now easily compare pet insurance for your Sphynx cat. Our process is quick and effective.

All you need to do is reach out to us, give us some details about your lovely Sphynx cat, and our insurance experts will provide you with recommendations to choose the insurance plan that’s ideal for you and your pet.


How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Once you get your Sphynx cat pet insurance, you can proceed to take your cat to the vet, paying for the medical services as you normally would. You then file a claim, and, depending on your coverage and reimbursement level, your insurance company will refund the money.

How Soon Does Pet Insurance Take Effect?

The specific waiting period before the insurance takes effect varies depending on the insurance company you pick. However, for most companies, the waiting period usually lasts for 14 days.

Can You Get Pet Insurance Even After Diagnosis?

Yes, you can still get pet insurance for your Sphynx cat even after diagnosis. There is a downside, though. Any medical condition diagnosed before the start date of your coverage is excluded from your pet’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, this means that the condition would not be covered, and treatment payments will have to come out of pocket.

How Much Does Sphynx Cat Insurance Cost?

The price you pay for your Sphynx cat’s insurance will vary depending on your cat’s age, as well as your desired coverage, financial standing, and zip code. For instance, in New York, you could pay up to $111 for a Sphynx cat that is six months old or $135 for one that is five years old.

Pet Insurance Is Worth It

Since they are pure breeds, Sphynx cats are more likely to develop genetic health issues. However, caring for your pet should never be restricted by finances. That’s why having the best pet insurance for your Sphynx cat is not only a necessity but worth your peace of mind.